sex education urdu language

losing both your parents in anaccident seemed like a conspiracy. it was just that ihad no one to blame for it. chhoti. no need to make any more tea. are they to mourn or...?

sex education urdu language
sex education urdu language, it's only close family now. grandpa, aunt and ... chhoti is crying in thebathroom go give her some water. i'll take the tea.

till the time hecompletes his college.. ..mukesh will stay with you. father-in-law,i have a touring job. your daughter runs the house. i will abide bywhatever you two decide. papaji, we never dared tohave a second child of our own. we have neither thespace nor the means... nothing is hidden from you. he is like my own son.

but, how can i takehis responsibility? i understand... it was my son's ageto take responsibility. but instead he hasleft me with his share too. don't worry, i will takecare of any extra expenses bourne by you from my pension fund. but, his is a responsibilitywe all must share. i am not going to delhi.i am going to stay here. and take care of sonu and chhoti.

bring me some butter. coming! no breakfast, mukesh? college must have already started. eats enough... free loader! 'i was offered the mostpedestrian course in college.' 'b.a pass.' why are you standing on my head! want to inhale the smoke?

what do you want? you are alwaysin need of something. aunt...i need some money. to get fliers printed. i am thinking of givingprivate tuition to school kids. will return the moneyas soon as i get the job. no harm dreaming. but what if you don'tget the tuitions? your grandfather doesnot send us a fortune!

no point wastingmoney on silly schemes. don't you know a chess board attractsevil spirits with scores to settle. wait! let me search your bag! why? am i a thief? kid, this is delhi!here everyone is a thief! on a good day you get robbed. on bad days you get killedfirst and then robbed. kasparov. wipe that innocentlook off your face!

i catch coffin thieveslike you everyday. hey! stop! what have you stolen? must have stolen something? what? a corpse's gold tooth?a diamond ring maybe? come...follow me. pious! need an extraday to make one box? he is the one johnny bhai!

always loitering aroundwith a chess board! come on, kasparov... sit down. kasparov played like a bull! karpov was the wily one! come on. take out your chess board! what kept you so long? the ladies have alreadystarted arriving.

clean up,at least look a little presentable. we're having a kitty party. all the ladies are here. yes! yes! sarika is here too! sarika, my husband says hello. hello. so, mukesh! working very hard. come over to help me sometimes too.

so... when can i expect you? mr. khanna is of hardlyany use in the house! she just likes to embarrass you!don't go pink in the face. sarika wants to sendover a case of apples! go and pick it up soon. i'll go next sunday. make us all a pot ofgood steaming tea, son. sarika called againabout the case if apples. tomorrow is a holidaygo pick it up.

listen, her husbandis your uncle's superior. when such a people call you even to pick up their rubbishyou thank them for the chance. and here she wants tosend over a case of apples! don't delay it... go tomorrow. let me know if youneed anymore bread. amit! get up, son. it's noon already. you still here?

just leaving... is sarika ma'am at home? who has called you?there is no sarika here. i am mrs. verma's nephew. i have come for the case of apples. listen to me carefully. she is a witch! a proper witch! a snake in a woman's body! there are no apples here.i have thrown them all away!

now run away! there is no one home... run away! beware of her! now you show me respectbut later you will also abuse me! beware! she will tie you up! go! run away! biji! i have told you not toopen the door to strangers! one day someone will slashour throats and rob everything.

shut the door behind you. dolls? they are mine, my fatherwas in the foreign services. i have travelled to many countrieswith him when i was a child. sit. did pammi not tell you my name? sarika. why are you alwaysdoing od jobs in the house? don't you have friends?

what's the matter? do i make you nervous? you are not a little boy anymore. someone might thinkthat i am misbehaving. who? biji. she is sleeping...shecan sleep through a bomb blast! you took your time comingthere was a last one left. my husband gaveit away this morning.

more will come soon frommy brother's orchard in shimla. your hair is thick like a girl's! comb it properly or get it cut! lie down. hmm... you're not as afraidas you were pretending to be! are you in a hurry? do youhave an appointment elsewhere? hello.. - pammi... sarika here. i am sending mukesh to themarket to run an errand for me. hope you don't mind? at all! he hardly does anythingafter returning from college. i've taught him everything so thathe does not sit around in the house. idling his time away. but do make sure hegives you proper accounting! thank you, pammi. i'll talk later. your aunt has taught you shoppingand i'll teach you the rest! take a bath. i already did... in the morning!

then take a bath again. bite me. i want you to leave marks! you are too much in a hurry kid! there goes your queen! you are making progress. but there is stilla long way to go. check! choke me!

get a haircut andbuy some decent clothes. you bloody virgin!you have become quite a whore! delhi air is something!did you look at his hair style? your grandfather is yetto send money this month. from where have you gotthe new shoes and clothes? i managed to geta couple of tuitions. he is lying. there has been no inquiryfor an under graduate tutor! i got it throughthe college librarian.

stays nearby, few blocks from here. where are you off to on a holiday? i have tuition to give. ashok is at home. keep your ears & eyesopen and your mouth shut. she puts chains on my feet!but i am not a fool! you hear? biji! apply the brakesor it is off to bed for you! he is always hanging aroundthe house in your absence! he got late goingto the club today...

i'll have to buyyou a cell phone now. don't forget to get the bill. who is he? mrs. verma's nephew,very helpful boy. 'that evening i could notmake it back to sarika's house.' 'i was on my way to my home town,tohana.' sonu and chhotiare our responsibility but we are barely making ends meet. mukesh, finish your college quickly.everyone's counting on you.

we should sent chhotiand sonu to a girl's home. pammi is over burdened as it is. sonu...chhoti...hurry up. come on its getting late. don't worry,your brother will visit you often. 'sarika knew whatwas going on in my life.' 'but at first shechose to remain quiet.' 'then one day out of the blue..' now you will be needing money!

help this lady out. she will pay for smallbut important errands. if you are reliablethere would be more jobs. i am mukesh. stop here. hello! i'm mukesh. i spoke to you overthe phone yesterday. yes...yes... come in. i can't do this.

why not? you seem to be doingpretty alright here! i wasn't doing it for the money! what happened? first she gave me money,it seemed excessive. then... when i refused shesaid she would scream! she never said anything of thatsort to me seemed pretty happy. she threatened me thatshe would call in the neighbors..

..and say that i hadbroken into the house! i can't do this... i am not that kind of a boy! really! what kind of a boy are you? to sleep with women for money! you take the money!i don't want any of it! i've taken my share,the rest is yours. i won't do it.

what else do you think you are qualifiedfor in the first year of college? fine! leave then don'tcome around here anymore! get lost! i give you a chance andyou come back crying like a kid. don't show me your face again! mukesh. do you really want to go on livinglike a servant in your aunt's house? come. think of all that youcan do with the money.

you can call yoursisters to live with you! don't think how themoney comes be happy to know that there will be more coming. if nothing else thinkof it as social service! just do it... as it is one has to doa lot for other's happiness. think about yourself for once. don't you like me? i like everything! you as well!

I also like the benefits hajar jahanam for a wedding in delhi society. i have taught you well! now the world willenjoy your talents. 'the phone numbers were real,the names were not.' 'i had to ask for the fake name.' hello, neha ma'am. 'if there was any hesitationon the other end..' '..i pretended to havegotten the wrong number.' you understand what clientservicing means, don't you?

keep them happy andthey will call you again. do whatever they ask of you. complaints will not be tolerated. (soap opera on tv) didn't this fellow rakeshdie in last week's episode? don't you have a tv in your house? i hardly get the time,catch up on it. when i am with you. ok, i will tell youthe story after that.

a speeding rakeshloses control of his car. which then falls into a river... dheeraj, you scum! you low life! but he is saved bythe second heroine ganga! you were dying to have an affair,were you not? so ganga saves rakesh's life. but dies herself. a distraughtrakesh returns to the city! to the first heroine priya. who is dheeraj? if i may ask.

the asshole in my lordand master... my husband. rakesh is dead again ! yes, this time he's really dead. forget about that episode.let's finish this episode first. hello! chhoti,did you get the money i sent you? yes, but the warden wasasking too many questions. give the phone to sonu. always wants to speak with you. what was the warden saying?

same old stuff, who sent the money? how do i know thathe is really your brother? if he is so loaded then whyhas he dumped both of you here? don't worry, i will comethere and have a word with her. chhoti, you go from here. there is somethingnot right with this place. the girls here... are they troubling you? they go out at night in fancy cars,all dolled up.

return in the morning,drunk and loaded with money. the warden gets a cut too! yesterday they were forcingme to go out with them... don't worry, i will comesoon and speak to the warden. take care of yourself.. bye. don't schedule anythingfor the weekend. why? i am going to meet my sisters. iwill go every weekend from now on.

what do you think this is,a government job that you will get the weekend off? go this time...but don't make it a habit! which way to the warden office? why don't you take then with you? i will soon. till then, i want themto be looked after well. they are still very youngand i have heard that... what have you heard?

don't think there isnobody looking out for them. i have brought a phone for them. no need for a personal phone. there is a public phone talk to them often, don't you? buy some gifts for your children. keep this and call me everyday. i will make surethere is enough credit. we don't want to stay here! just a few more daysthen i will come and get you.

promise. o mauritius. you are not going to become any fairerby spending hours under the tap! *#@$...!!!! has bath once a year and finishesthe whole colony's water supply. why would i have a bath everyday,pretty boy? i don't run a sidebusiness like you. then maybe you shouldstart running one! or else you will keep dreamingabout going to mauritius

and never actually get there! stop whining! there is water left foryou to wash your ass clean! johnny bhai. hey, tuition master!come meet the headmaster. he is studying to bea doctor of philosophy. ph.d? yeah, in chemistry during the dayand in biology during the night! better than you, you slob. making aliving out of scavenging the dead!

that's where you are going to endup yourself sooner than you think! it doesn't take muchfor the times to change, son. *#@$...!!!your entire existence is ill timed. i have a small gift for you. forever indebted to you, my friend! in the beginning i waitedfor my husband to get better... knew that it might never happen,but i had hope... then eventually,i started waiting for him to die... years went by...ijust kept on waiting...

sometimes hoping thatmy husband would get better. sometimes wishing that he would dieso that his suffering would end. you have no one close?no immediate family? i have a son,a little elder to you... lives in singapore...sends money too. but can't come himselfhe's got a job, it's difficult. you go now, the relativeswill be arriving any time now. not much action seemshave happened here last night! her husband passed away...

i was trying to call,why didn't you answer? i was in the hospital,has switched the ringer off. come on, then! we havepaid the rent, why waste it! i have just lefthis body at her house! come i'll drop you home. don't come home for a few days. ashok seems to be in a strangemood he has no fixed routine. comes and goes as he pleases. are you angry with me?

you are not my husband that i need tothrow a tantrum to get your attention? just do as i tell you. i'll let you know whenis a good time to come. just drop me off here,i have some work. that's my friend johnny. i'll leave now. why did you make me meet him? he is a friend! lives nearby. i playchess with him in the cemetery. have you blabbered anythingto him about our work?

no! i just told him thatyou help me get tuitions. good! your minds has alsosharpened up along with your body. so partner,why did you want to see me? i need a house. are you looking to buy one? no, want to rent one. so what is the problem?- nobodywants to give it to a bachelor. and i can't call my sisterhere until i have a house. don't worry! call your sisters!

how can i call themtill i have a house! don't worry about that! i have a lady friend too! what family were you talking about?he is a bachelor! why? i am there! these days even twomen can start a family! stay within your limits, johnny! just kidding!he has got two lovely sisters. they will come and stay with can lord over them!

they will help youin your housework too! how much is the rent? 3,000 rupees, no security becausejohnny has brought you here. but i will takethree months advance. my tenants will vacatethe room in 15 days. but you need topay the advance now. his sisters willbe here in 15 days. he will give you the advance then andyou hand us the keys at the same time. fair and square, is it not?

look johnny, my room shouldn'tgo vacant even for a day. your house is like my own!i wouldn't be able to bear it. if you were to incurany loss on my account! may i take one? are you a moron? rushing to pay the advance whenthe house isn't even vacant yet! you haven't understoodthis city at all. johnny bhai, thank you. oye! what do youthink you are doing?

hey! i am talking to you! that is my drawer. it was my drawer tillyou stuffed your things in. your mother has given me the key. if my mother gave youthe house keys someday.. ..would the house be yours too? i pay my share ofthe rent every month. you eat worth muchmore in a single day! i will leave your house...and your drawer as well!

quit talking about it. why don't you actuallydo it for a change. i told you not to come here!what was so important? you should not trust me so much! where else can i keep it? all the banks are askingfor an income proof. i will come and takeit in a couple of weeks. this bank will charge interest. biji has woken up.

if you can't knock like a civilizedperson have the courtesy to look away. slut! where the fuck doyou think you are going! sit here! i thought my oldmother had gone senile! then one day i asked myselfhow long since sarika nagged you? she seems content!what has changed? i has my eye on youbut you sensed it some how! clever slut that you are... butyou couldn't resist for long eh!

today i am going to knockyou back to your senses! oye! sit! *#@$...!!!. watch and learn! usually you are of no use does seeing me with himturn you on? you pervert! if you think you are goingto *#@$...!!! around behind my back.. ..and make me look like a fool...then think again. 'i was scared to goback to my aunt's house.'

'i needn't have been for sarika'shusband had already dug my grave.' mukesh had come home in theafternoon to ask sarika for a loan. said that he was notbeing treated well by you. that you do not give himproper food nor any pocket money. inspite of our constraintswe try to do our best for him... he had been working well up tillnow so sarika felt sorry for him. at his age boys tendto mistake sympathy from women for an interest of another kind. yes, boys at this agecan indeed be very foolish.

he tried to grab herin front of my old mother. he was smelling of cheap liquor. so, sarika pushed him away.after that he just went mad. tried to kiss her.. caught her arm so hardthat he has left marks! sir, let him return homemy husband will take him to a task. do not let him returnis what i came to say. your husband is due for a promotionit will be very unfortunate.. ..if instead of a promotion he has

to sit in front of someanti-corruption inquiry committee. mukesh... pack your things rightaway and leave the house! where will i go, buaji? i don't care. go to a friend! or rent a room! very independent you have become. you make enough money givingtuitions to get drunk on. mr. khanna is lying! i hadjust gone over to meet sarika.

everybody is awareof sarika's reputation. why her husband is targeting you,i don't know. but if you stay here, youwill land all of us in trouble... so for god's sake please spare us. tuition master! and what's with all this luggage? come with me... come in. settle down.

mauritius. my aunt's son lives there...keeps calling me, says.. ..a little investmentcan take me far there but i say, i am too oldto settle in a new place. my money is stuck somewhere. i will rent the roomas soon as i get it back. play chess with me every night.stay for free as long as you like! when are you coming to get us? i'll be there soon!why? has something happened?

no, but just come and get us fast. i'll be there don't worry! hello, kavita ma'am... mukesh here. who mukesh?there is no kavita here... don't call back again. hello, reena ma'am. this is mukesh here. you haven't called last few days soi thought i should call and inquire.

wrong number. mrs. kajal?this is mukesh calling. usha ma'am. this is mukesh calling. mrs. vandana?- wrong number. sorry, i won't call back again. hello, sarika ma'am... i have told you not to call here...don't call back again. sorry.

who is there ma? somebody's got the wrong address. what are you doing here? leave! my husband can come anytime! did he hit you? what else do you expect? a trophy? my sisters are coming,i need my money. are you done? they rescheduled myappointment for tomorrow.

breakfast! johnny bhai, i need a favour? you will have to go to that lady'shouse the one that you met with me. why don't you go yourself? my aunt lives in the samecolony if she sees me there... what work do you have with her? sleeping through theday begets bad luck my friend! she says that your duehas already been paid to you. your lady friend didn'teven let me enter the house!

she started shouting and threatening me sayingthat she will call her husband! they have given your number to thecops even filed a report against you... what the hell are you upto? youwill get me into trouble as well screwed up my work. got me thrown out of the house. and now she saysshe will not pay me! bitch! does she think iam scared of her and her husband! what does she think of herself?

calm down!shut up and listen to me! what the fuck doyou think you are doing! come to your senses!have you lost it! i don't know what kindof tuitions you have been giving. but learn this from me. take out your sim card! stay away from themthey are rich and connected! they will get you bustedso bad you won't know what hit you! give me the sim cardi will throw it away.

if you throw my sim cardthen how will my sisters call me? give them my number! and what if someone calls you?- have you ever heard my phone ring? use my card andgive them this number. i am not going to lether get away with this! i will cut her to pieces! don't talk shit. we are out of booze as well!come... come on...

this godforsaken townis a real shit hole! you place your trust in peoplethinking they are your friends. but the moment you turn aroundthey ram it right up your ass. i'll go give thisnumber to my sisters. ok, but now don't gostressing them out as well. hello, sonu! are you alright? who's number is this? it's a friend's number,save it on your phone.

what's this noise are you outside? what are you doing out so late?- we have run away from there... we are on our way to delhi. run away! what do you mean you have run away!have you gone mad! what the hell is going on there? i'll explain everythingonce i reach. i told you to stayon for a few days! can't you understand that much?are you little children!

brother, please don'tget angry...the warden. what did she do? sonu, tell me what happened? she got drunk and came in chhoti'sroom... was trying to slip into her bed. i'll explain everything tomorrow. you both take care of you have money? yes. call me as soon as your reach,i will come and get you.

here, gulp it down. could you lend me some money? i will return it soon. money? if i had any money saved do you thinki would have been stuck in this city. i would have gone awayto mauritius long back! i live off the dead!i bury one corpse to get one meal! i am surviving becausepeople die in this city everyday. i would have runaway long time back.

to white sands... to blue skies... you are young youwill get many chances. brother. stop for a minute... you are with me becausethis is your first night. from tomorrow you are on your own. be tough! don't be scared! do we wait here? i'll go first.

how much money should i ask for? 2,000 rupees don't settle for less. drink up! go on, have another eases the pain! move aside. time to get to work! looking for fun?- yes! how much will you pay?- let's bargain on the way. there is one!standing all by himself!

back up. i am tired of *#@$...!!! around herelet's try the pretty boys for size! three of you? why, you gonna cook for us tonight? all three of you will have to pay! sure, but let ussee the goods first. go on, he is calling you! why so wound up?are you a first timer? 2,000 rupees for each of you!

that's the rate,take it or leave it! the little *#@$...!!! wantsto play posh! drag him in boys! get in you faggot spreadingfilth on the streets! give the money first. the *#@$...!!! thinkshe is prime piece of ass! let go of me! don't worry about the threeof us you won't get past even one! open the door! let me out! stop the car! let me go!

come here... mukesh! show! look, i don't knowwhat's going on with you but whatever it is, get out of it. forget the past... start afresh. johnny, i won't giveup what is rightfully mine. have you lost your mind! i am not here for work has been stopped. your work?

i told your friend about it...go ask him. who stopped it?- what do you think? your husband? he did not know about the workor the boys. boys? there were others. for the last time,where is the money? there is 2,000 in the almirah,take it and leave! next time you come my husbandwill be waiting for you!

i haven't come for a handout! i want money thatis rightfully mine! so go and ask theone who has taken it. ask whom? your husband? he earns more in a day than youhave managed in all these months! go and ask your friend! the scoundrel evenlooked like a thief. don't lie. why do you lie?

did you learn anythingfrom me in all these months? apart from sex! our work can start again,leave now... think of your sisters. i am never sinkingback into your filth again! i want my money and i want it now! sarika, open the door. did you foresee this whileyou were planning your break in? sarika! open the door! i know there is someone inside!

open up! open up or i willcal in the neighbors! today the whole worldwill see your true colors... i will rub your face in dirt. come here. i don't care what peoplewill think of me... but you will never beable to face anyone again! put the knife in me! you don't have to kill me!insert it in a little bit!

sarika! i'll break open the door! he will kill both of us! good! we will die togetherlike star-crossed lovers! i am warning you forthe last time sarika! that felt good. first class first! it was never johnny who has always been you. and today,you want to get away again. not this time!

this is mukesh. is johnny there? who, karpov? he took off. to mauritius. the lucky *#@$...!!!ran into a bag of cash! johnny! brother, we have reached. where are you?

we have been waitingoutside the train station. are you coming? wait there, i am on my way. he is the one, sir. hey! stop! how much longer dowe have to wait here? do you want us towait here all night? we will have fun skinningyou alive tonight! you runt!

why are you not answering? nowhere to run now *#@$...!!!

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