sex education videos for high school students

[gentle instrumental music] ♪ ♪ let's rephrase the question, shall we, mr. mullen? uh, what do you mean?

sex education videos for high school students

sex education videos for high school students, not now, amber. brett. brett. yeah?

think about it. where did he deliver the gettysburg address? [laughter] people, just give him a chance,please? gettysburg? correct. (man)i love history... always have.

not just becauseit repeats itself, which it does in waysdifferent than you'd think, but because,at least in american history... ordinary men become great... so great, in fact,that others around them are forced to acknowledgetheir own actions and become better menthemselves. (man) oh, i got a really dirty mind? how dirty can i get?

[laughs] [indistinct speech] (man)what are you looking at,mr. gibb? jesus christ. you shouldn't sneak upon people like that. [window squeaking] [engine grinding] hi. hello.

what do you need? something strong. bourbon, tequila, irish whiskey? um... i know. i'll have a daiquiri. five bucks. oh, i don't reallydrink beer. i guess i'll be drinking this one.

(gibb)my own father left uswhen i was a kid. the men i looked up towere the founding fathers. they were the ones who taught methe ways of the world. of all of our great leaders,great teachers, no one has taught me more,guided me more, and meant more to methan president abraham lincoln. it's funny,the things that inspire us, the way people throughout timehave taken an idea, an obsession,

and turned it into meansto support themselves. [woman on tv] who looked clean on the outside, but within-- [man on tv] are you tired of getting the runaround when shopping for a quality new or used vehicle? do you want a great car or truckat a fair price? well, of course you do. at palmer auto, that is just what you're gonna get. price plus selectionand zero bull. i guarantee it, or my nameisn't honest phil palmer.

just ask the apple of my eye. give me a p! give me an a! give me an l! give me an m-e-r! what's that spell? palmer auto!whoo! (phil palmer) highway 36, just east of donovan junction. (gibb) "you cannot have conflict

"without being yourselves the aggressors. "we are not enemies, but friends. "we must not be enemies. "though passion may have strained it, "we must not break our bonds of affection. "the mythic chords of memory "stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave "to every living heart and hearthstone "all across this broad land

"will yet swell the chorus of the union by the better angels of our nature." and with these words,mr. lincoln was sworn in as the 16th presidentof these united states on monday, march the 4th, 1861. very exciting stuff. any questions? okay.moving on. who can tell me

the biggest problem facing lincoln when he took office? fact: peanut butter wasnot invented until 1890... 25 years after the endof the civil war. [bell ringing] homework, people. read chapter ten and remember,study for the test on wednesday. it's 20% of your grade. is ally's ass gonna beon the test?

what can i do for you, amber? new wardrobe, gibb? is that what the ladies dugback in your day? sorry to disappoint you,mr. macauley, but i am not that old. you look very handsome,ronald. my herman had a suitlike that. thank you, mrs. whitman. [telephone rings]

(man) video treats. mm-hmm. yeah. membership expiredthree years ago. you're gonna needa new card, hold on. amber? (amber) yeah? come here and sign this gentleman up. okay.

what gentleman? [bell rings] oh, allyson. i saw your father's commercial last night. you were very good,very talented. thanks. yeah, it was kind ofan easy cheer, but i'll tell him you liked it. can i go now?

oh. oh, yes, of course. um, ally? i'm in the market for a new car, and i was thinkingof going to see your father. yeah, cool, i'll tell himyou're gonna stop by. forgot your change, ronald. "very talented." (phil palmer)only three original owners,

2.5 liters and 4 cylindersof pure detroit power. she's gentle on the gas,great with the grandchildren. how's that sound to you folks? (man) how many miles did you say you had on it? you think about it,mull it over, kick the tires. when you're ready,i'll be right over there. i can seeyou've got primo taste. honest phil. the one and only.

and what would your name be,partner? ronald gibb. mr. gibb. ally told me you'd stop by,and here you are. well, let's talk trucks,shall we? this monsterhas got it all. 8-liter magnum, v10,three hundred and-- ten horsepower,450 pound-feet of torque, 6,000-pound hauling capacity,

and the ability to towa 15,000-pound trailer. [chuckles] man knows his ram. i did a little research. it's been a long time since i bought anythingthis expensive. expensive. nonsense, my friend. that's whywe've got financing.

i prefer to pay with cash. ally was right. you are a genius. she said that? best damn teachershe's got. ron?can i call you ron? ron, skirts get moistfor a ride like this. you'd be fighting 'em offwith a stick. wow, is this yours?

yep. it's sexy. i made some pasta, enough for two. already ate. (gibb)a good woman. all men in history had one or needed one to take themselvesfrom one level to the next. while men havetraditionally been

the doers in the public's mind, it's women who have beenthe motivators, whether they meant to beor not. [dog barking] oh, mr. gibb,you're my favorite teacher. (brett) why are you trippin' like this? (ally) what did you expect, you pig? (brett) baby, calm down, okay? listen.

(ally) no, it's not okay. we're breaking up, and i am serious this time! (brett) you see what you're doing to me? you're makinga big mistake. [crying] miss palmer? is everything all right? i just lost my ride home.

come on. (ally)we were gonna get out ofthis stupid town together. i guess that wasjust my crazy dream. as you get older,you'll find your dreams change. how do you mean? well, we all makegrandiose plans-- great job, big money,nice house. the problem is thatwhat seems perfect one day may not be so greatwhen we actually get it.

so we got to get what we wantto know it's not what we want? something like that. but don't get me wrong. unexpected things can happenfor the better sometimes too. something amazing might fall into your life when you least expect it. can i ask youa personal question? mm-hmm. are you married?

was. things... didn't work out for us. my mom died when i was five. it sucks. i'm sorry. when you get to be my age, you acceptthat a lot of things suck. they say life alwaysgets in the way of living.

hmm. i like that. you know, you're a lot coolerthan i thought. well, thanks for the ride. i guessi'll see you tomorrow. ally, wait. i reallyshouldn't be doing this. your graded test. look, i-i triedto study last night.

i really did, but-- take a look. an a?oh, my god. i can't believe it! you earned it. thank you! oh, my bad. probably shouldn't havedone that. you rock, mr. gibb.

by the way,love the truck. mad sexy. dad? [screams] oh, morning. morning, marge. beautiful day. certainly is. (woman)close the door, ron.

these men are police. they need to aska few questions. mr. gibb,name's dick moon. that handsome devil thereis my partner karl. he's a lover,not a talker. everything's gonna be fine, ron. just take a seat. damn, you got some hot girlsin this school. you want to tell me what you didwith allyson palmer?

what do you mean? seems she's disappeared. what? several eyewitnesses say shegot into your truck yesterday. last time anyone saw herat all... except you, of course. she lost her ride,and i gave her a lift home. and then? she got out of the carand went into her house.

is it customary for you to chauffeur aroundyour students, sir? the administrationdoes frown on it. sometimes... a teacher... needs to be a friend too. but i'm just as concernedfor her safety as you are. thank youfor your time. we'll be talking with you againreal soon.

[man on tv] search and rescue efforts have officially begun as local high school cheerleader ally palmer is missing. father phil palmer of palmer dodge told police ally never came homeafter school. police are asking if anyone has any informationabout ally's whereabouts to call the local hotline on-screen below. [whistling]

hello? hello. i want to apologizefor the other night. i'm usually not-- ah. i got a motto. never complainand never explain. water under the bridge. did you just start?

i mean, i haven'tseen you around. december, uh, last--first week after christmas. well-- have a good day, mr. gibb. thanks. you too. [engines revving] [tires squealing and gunfire] [sirens wailing] [man on tv] with 24 hours having passed

since ally palmer's disappearance, authorities are now treating this case as a possible kidnapping. we now go live to the missing girl's father, phil palmer. well, now it is my turnto come to you, my loyal neighbors, and ask for your help. my beautiful daughter allyson,

my little angel,is missing, the victimof a heinous kidnapping. that's right, taken from me on purpose. i've asked myself 100 times, "who could do such a thing? "what unspeakable evil lurks in our midst?" ally, baby, i want you to know daddy loves you,

and i'm gonna get you back. friends, neighbors, help me. these are dangerous times that we live in. but i believethat life must go on. and here at palmer auto,it will. we are slashing priceson the entire inventory, every car, every truck on the lot on sale, priced to move, until ally is returned to ussafe and sound.

you heard right. i am passing the savingsalong to you, mr. and mrs. john q. public. so come on down to palmer auto and show ally-- no, show the worldhow much you care. (gibb)it only takes a moment to snap, and it takes a couple moreto see an opportunity. history has alwaystreated men of this sort

with an incredible mixtureof admiration and revulsion. as a student of history, more and more as i see ithappening before my own eyes, it's become harder and harderfor me to sit on the sidelines and just watch. bastard! all right, easy there, cowboy. what the hell'sthe matter with you? using her like that.

i don't know what you're saying. you better drop that frying pan and get the fuck awayfrom my house. you're using her misfortune as a marketing ploy? it's how i cope. now, drop the frying pan! drop it, i say! i don't want your truck anymore.

take it back. why? what's the matter with it? you know, buyer beware applies in all automotive transactions,mister. [sirens wailing] [muffled radio chatter] (gibb)if anything badhappens to her, it's gonna be your fault,you hear me?

i'm gonna needthat pink slip back! that man isa self-serving monster. could be. fortunately, he's got an alibifor the night in question. what's yours? i was at home. alone, right? it makes me sick to thinkof someone hurting that girl. would you please goand find her?

that is the plan. there's somethingi'm curious about. smart fellow like youstuck in a town like this. it's almost likeyou're hiding out or something. is that a question or a statement? you paid cash for that truck, but your bank records showno recent large withdrawals. i don't like banks. karl prefers credit unions.

where'd the moneycome from, gibb? my savings. that's a lot of savings. it's insurance money. insurance money? there was a car accident. my wife died. what does this have to dowith ally palmer? you tell me.

her father'snot pressing charges, so you're free to go,just not too far. (brett) yo, mr. gibb. i heard aboutwhat you did. awesome! mr. palmer isa major dick sometimes. guy hates my guts. he was gonna give me cashto stop dating ally. he said that?

well, he offered mea new transmission, actually. didn't you and allybreak up? who told you that? ally. nah, we break upall the time. see, she's all aboutthe makeup sex. the girl's an animal. good night, brett. wait, hang on.

do you think someoneactually took her? it looks that way. hey, you okay? you don't look so good. you want a ride home? administration frowns on it. well, okay. hey, thanks for the talk,mr. gibb. now i feela lot better.

um, let's go around to the back. pervert. [people speaking indistinctly] disgraceful. shame on you. ronnie... we got to talk. nice. now, that is onesweet little cupcake.

oh, hey. i'm dying to know, ronnie. what flavor's her frosting? amber jinxs? where is she? where's amber? i know you're in here. freeze! i want you all to hear this.

why did you print that picture? you took something innocentand turned it into pornography. kind of like young, blonde, and ready? you should have come to me first and given me a chanceto explain. a man has a right to defend himself. you're a dirty old man,mr. gibb. probablya kidnapper too.

girls, get to class now. amber, you too. you're goingto pay for that. now. this craziness, it's disruptive. just tell me. am i fired? the board is concerned about the students.

your presenceis upsetting everyone. i have to suspend you, give it some time to pass. time to pass. a girl is missing. is the board concernedabout that? the police are doing everything they can. unfortunately, you're the onewho looks the most suspicious, and frankly,i can understand why.

i admit... i had a crush on her, a completely inappropriatebut innocent crush. what were you thinking? [man on tv] it's been over three days since local high school cheerleader ally palmer went missing. volunteers are coming out in full force in hopes of finding any evidence

to bring this little girl home safe and sound. police knocked on doors lookingfor any clues or witnesses in connection with this case. sage mist metallic... ally's favorite color. (both) we'll take it. (phil palmer) oh, god bless you both. (moon)mr. palmer. gentlemen.

looks like the saleis going well. yeah, well, it's a gooddistraction, you know. where's my ally? can we have a word,please? come on in.have a seat. ah-ah. don't touch the cat. took her down with a .30-06. two shots to bagthat one.

tiff, be a hon. three scotches. now, again,where's my little girl? we have a couple questionsfor you, mr. palmer. was ally using drugs? any reason she might haverun off? shady friends?was she depressed? what in christare you talking about? some nut job broke into my homeand kidnapped my daughter.

that's just it, sir. usually in a kidnapping,there's a ransom note, some sort of demand. without that, it looks morelike a runaway situation. allyson has a great life. she got the best of everything. why the fuck would she run away? somebody took her. i know it.

how are you so sure, sir? scotches for everyone. not now, tiff. but, philly, you-- not now! let me tell you something. i am a respected manin this town. my reputation is my life. i got powerful people watchingthis situation real close.

i'm gonna be the mayor one day, so when i tell you that you should be outlooking for a kidnapper, then you and the freak over in the corner had damn well better be out looking for a kidnapper. and i'll tell yousomething else. if you ever insinuate again that i know more than i am saying,

i will personally slice yournuts open with a rusty nail. sound fair to you? peachy. now, what about this pencil dick that assaulted mewith a frying pan? gibb? he's clean so far, but we're not donewith him yet. problem remains,

no ransom note, no motive,no kidnapping. karl, let's go. mr. palmer's gonna be mayorone day. (macauley) shouldn't you be in jail? ronnie,it's not your fault, pal. they're all hotties, hotties dressedlike little hookers. they're all asking for it. it's no wonder

guys like usdo the things that we do. ow!jesus! sorry. keep that piece of crapout of here, or i'll call the cops. what is it exactly that guys like us do? please, ronnie, you thinkyou're the first teacher to slip one of his flock

a little something extra? i got two juniors. they'd be failing right nowif they didn't fuck like champs. you're disgusting. how do you live with yourself? wake up, gibb. a girl like ally palmer wouldn'tgive you the time of day if she wasn't fishing for a good grade. wait a minute.

you think she's actually hotfor you. [cackling] that's fucking hysterical, man. that is funny, ronnie. later. hey. pick-up for phil palmer. right, two double cheeseburgerswith the works, two jumbo fries,and a slice of cherry pie. you must be hungry.

ravenous. that'll be $9.75. right. let's seewhat i got here. oh. oh, yeah. that's a ten. you keep the change, hon. mr. palmer.

you want to get out of my way,fuckwit? yeah, hi, two philly cheeseto go. $5.75. [electronic beeping] who's there? you're insane. i don't eat fast food. no, wait. please don't go.

i'm sorry, please. [door clicking shut] excellent choice,mr. palmer. uh-huh. seen this one,like, ten times. [whispering]hot sex scene. is that right? yeah, real steamy. well, what do you know?

there you go. mr. palmer. good evening. have they found your daughter yet? no. no, they have not. my wife and iare praying for her. thank youand god bless. so when is this onedue back? quarter past midnight.

[snarls] what happened? just some local punks. i chased them off. you don't have to do that. [poignant piano music] do you thinki'm a good person? of course i do. you're a teacher.

there's nothing nobler. i betrayed a sacred trust. i took advantage of a student. how could i be so stupid? it's just... been so long since i felt alive, and when her lips touched mine,i actually-- i wanted-- shh, quiet,that's enough.

look what you're doingto yourself. i've been so awful to you. it's not meyou've been awful to. what's wrong? you don't know me. i don't know you. did you just say that? i don't know you? six years i've beenyour neighbor.

i know that you wearthe same brown jacket monday through thursday,sweater vests on fridays. i know that you overcookyour bacon. you burn the shit out of it. - holly.- no, shut up. for someone so smart,you can be such a dumbass. i've never seen youhave a visitor, not another human being. now, that's wrong.

you don't understand. oh, i get it. you're hurting inside just like everyone elseon this green earth. well, i'm hurting too, and i'm scared, scared as helli'll die alone. i need to be held. and maybe you can't see it,but so do you.

grow some balls,ronald gibb. be a man. start living. (gibb)as i said,no man can do it alone. for good old abe,it was mary todd, mary todd lincoln,that really got him on track. he was a loner,and she needed attention. not necessarily a matchmade in heaven, but it worked.

ronald? [man on tv] bringing you the latest update on the ally palmer kidnapping, we now go live to-- [metal crashing] where ronald gibb, local high school teacher, is holding a press conference. (gibb)and i repeat, i did not havea romantic relationship with allyson palmer. the horrible reality...

is that ally is still missing. i don't knowwhat happened to her, but someone out there does. i am here to do what the policeand her father will not. this is my life savings, $68,000. you want it? find allyson palmer. no questions asked,no explanation needed.

when ally gets home safely,this money is yours. you brave son of a bitch. you stupidson of a bitch. 211 phone callsin the past hour alone. well, that's good, right? nine of the callers saythat she was abducted by aliens. it's gonna take us days to sort through all of this. we weren't preparedto open up this can of worms. there's something differentabout you, gibb.

[door slams open] next time,take a dump on my face. hey, hey, hey! back off, palmer! back up! (gibb) something had to be done, something besidesbartering her life for cut-rate priceson used cars. this is none of your business.

it's my daughter. it's my problem. i am trying to help her. you like little blonde girls,ain't that right? even if they're not on dvd. you disrespected my little baby, and i am itchingto rip your heart out! now, i don't careif barge ass here has got anything on you or not.

if i find out that you wereinvolved in any way, god as my witness,i will bite off your johnson. another thing: your reward sucks. i'm gonna double it. no child of mine is gonna be cut-rate. she is nota clearance sale item. [door slams shut]

look, gibb, father of the year is right. it's time for youto take a step back. he is warped. it doesn't matter. you were the last personto see that girl alive. you better start prayingit doesn't stay that way. you stay away from me. i'll use this,i swear.

hold it.hold it. i came to apologize. i bought you--i bought you a new camera. this one's betterthan the one you smashed. it's top-of-the-line. this doesn't make it all right. i still think you're a creep,but thanks. you're welcome. oh, hey, how do you knowally's dad?

i don't. yeah, phil palmer, i'm just curioushow you two know each other. i've seen him dropping ally off. well, that's fascinating, because he seemsto know things about me that only youcould have told him. so why don't you tell mewhat's in it for you? is he paying you?

are you doing it out ofthe goodness of your heart? oh, wait, you have to havea heart for that. people are gonna starttelling the truth around here. what is that bastard up to? what is his game? tell me. tell me right now! [knocks on door] are--are you there?

[muffled voices] mom? amber. amber! you slimy piece of-- sweetie, come on,hold on, hold on. hey, don't run away. [glass shattering] now, just calm down.

you got it all wrong. i can explain. how do you explain that? it was an accident. i mean, this is your fault. shouldn't you be at work? i came to warn you. gibb knows we're together. oh, sweetie,don't be that way.

besides, the guy is harmless. i thought you loved me. i do love you, baby. i hate you both. whoa. no. [car alarm wailing] that tire retailsfor two and change. (phil palmer) howdy, partner.

this is the real deal. i gave her those earringsfor her sweet 16. they cost a fortune too. i get those back, don't i? so what do you say, old buddy? will you do it? (moon) well, it's not that simple. i don't want allysonor anyone else getting hurt. oh, hell's bells.

you wanted a ransom note;there it is. some fucker'sgot my little girl. if he wants gibbto show up with the money, that's sure as shitwhat's gonna happen. am i right, ron? i want my truck back. come again? i want the ram back and every pennyi overpaid for it.

oh, christ. then when this is over, i want you to go on tvand apologize to every man, woman, and child you ever lied to. put the tortoise down! you're shitting me, right? this is ally's life we're talking about here. your daughter...

your problem. that's extortion. that is extortion. that's a crime.isn't that a crime? i think you best dowhat the gentleman says. oh, i can't believe this shit. all right, fine, fine,whatever the hell you want, but i get her back. tomorrow at midnight,that's exactly what we'll do.

unit number one in position. just sit tight. you ready, gibb? time to get moving. good luck. (moon) gibb is on the move. continue to hold your position. there's nobody here. maybe they changed their mind.

relax. just give 'ema minute. "we hold these truthsto be self-evident "that all men are created equal, "that they are endowed by their creator "with certain inalienable rights, "that among theseare life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." got movementfrom the southeast.

showtime. he's coming. it's all here. $200,000. now, tell me where allyson is. okay. [static crackling] not now, not now. damn it.

(brett) oh, no. whoa. i'm sorry, mr. gibb. please don't hurt me. you wrote the note? i don't know. i was gonna send your part back,honest. it was her dad's moneyi wanted. you idiot.

the cops are here. go, get out of here. run, you fucking moron, run. gibb! it's just a kid. it isn't real. hold your position. don't do anything. i repeat, hold your positions.

[gunshots] hold your fire! who the hell is shooting? karl, get an ambulance out here. now, karl! god damn it,what do you want from me? no! no, please! please!

please, no! (gibb)you see, people don'talways mean to be bad, even when they do bad things. sometimes lifejust gets away from you. you stop making decisions and start doing what you thinklife has decided for you. but a great historiancan take a step back in the middle of the storm,in the heat of battle, and see the opportunity

that life's seemingly randommishaps have presented. a great historian can seizethe opportunity to start anew and put his history behind him. [soft squeaking sound] ha! oh, oh. oh, ally. daddy. oh, my--oh, jesus.

ally, baby. ally, honey. (gibb)yes, a great historiancan seize an opportunity tiffany, i will bein my office. you boys need something? well, makes yourselvesright at home. what, are they giving outfree donuts today? (man) sir, please stand up. (phil palmer) karl.

it's karl, right? karl, tell him who he's talking to, will you? is this some kind of a joke? sir, please stand up. okay, all right. jesus, don't get your pantiesin a bunch. i'm standing. look, i'm standing. you have the rightto remain silent.

anything you say-- (phil palmer) i know my damn rights. hey, am i being chargedwith something here? statutory rape. amber jinxs is a minor,17 years old, same as your daughter. she's lying, because i-i havenever had sexual relations with that woman. i--

tiff, thank god you're here. tell 'em what kind of a man i am. come on, you can help me. shut up, phil. uh... [chuckles nervously] ow! tiff, honey! tiff, wait, tiff!

[laughing] is it true you're going away? for a little whileto clear my head. how are you holding up? i'm cool. and brett? he's good. doctor said he'll beas good as new in a couple of months.

my dad thinks he's faking it. your father is... a real piece of work. yeah, he is. but he does love me. you know, what you did for me,mr. gibb, was amazing. please don't. if it wasn't for you,i wouldn't be alive. you know whatthe funny thing is, though?

i don't hate him. i mean, i guess i should,but if anything, i sort of feel sorry for him. don't feel sorry for him. just kind of wonder why,you know? must have been pretty scary. wasn't that scared. bored mostly. oh, man, i'm sorry.

i thought you guys were done. hey, mr. gibb,thanks for the turtle. tortoise. yeah, that's cool too. you take your time, ally. i'm gonna go wait in the car. well, good luck on your trip. i hope you findwhat you're looking for. hey, stud.

heard you'reout of here, man. slow it down, man. say good-bye,good luck. ronnie, i need some advice,teacher to teacher. what's that, pete? well, ally's reeling,right? she's gonna needa shoulder to cry on. you already gave her an a,so i can't use that. do you think she wouldtake it in the ass

for a college recommendation? for the record,i am nothing like you. what are you doing? oh, god, you scared me. i'm just cleaning upa little bit. you packed? let's go. [engine turning] (gibb)even for my hero,

there were the two lincolns,they say. what does it matter which onehe was or when or for how long? whichever one is written about,he end justifies the means, and, most importantly,the world remembers the hero.

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