sex education videos playlist youtube

hey guys, it's me. today i'm making a video about something that has been happening and going on with my channel for the last couple of months, especially this week. now, i apologize if i get

sex education videos playlist youtube

sex education videos playlist youtube, emotional. my channel is my entire life. i have been on youtube for over 10 years, and the fact that things are happening to my channel that i have no control

over is driving me a little bit crazy. so today i want to talk about how my videos are being age-restricted, how youtube is censoring me, and how somebody is literally targeting me because i'm trans, and i make videos specifically for the trans community. this happened a couple of days ago. usually, i get very emotional when things

like this happen i just react right away. a lot of people wanted me to make a video right away, and i didn't. i got out of town. i needed to relax, and i am way more calm now, and i have my thoughts together and gathered and stuff like that, so i'm better able to, like, comprehend what happened and, like, explain to you what happened so that you can understand it.

so you might think that some of it is a little bit dramatic. i think it's a little bit dramatic, but every time i talk to someone they're like "chase, you have one hundred percent the right to be angry," so i am going to just talk about what has happened. also, i'm feeling a little bit stuffed and stuff. i'm pretty sure, like, i have too much anxiety and, like, my body's, like, shutting down

right now. so what has been happening? i make reviews. i do review videos. it's not the one thing that i'm known for on youtube or anything like that, on my channel, nothing like that, but i review products for transgender men, and these products are packers and stand-to-pee devices and prosthetic penises for someone to wear and feel

comfortable in their body and alleviate dysphoria because people - some people in the community feel like they need to have and they need to feel something in their pants - that's just - i'm not going to explain the whole thing about dysphoria. i have a million videos on it. please take a look at it. the point is that i make videos like this, and this is my, my job.

this is my job. my full-time job. i love doing it. i get these products for free i try them, and i review them. people come to my channel to watch these reviews because i'm, like, the peen master. i make my reviews informative, i make them funny, and i make them educational. all these three things combined make it

easier to talk about sex and to talk about things that people are very uncomfortable with. i'm so comfortable talking about this. it's no problem for me, so i like to be able to talk about them and having people listen and realizing it's okay that you feel like you need something there or that you want to do things. so yeah, i do review

things that are related to sex and prosthetics that you would wear if you're trans and want to have sex and things like that, but i also review products that are absolutely needed for the trans community for a lot of members in the community to wear and to look at and to use and stuff like that. so there... there's a problem, and all of these videos i will

say are put under education you - youtube has categories people use vlogs, education, humor, comedy, whatever all these other blogs - all these other categories - for the videos, i always put my reviews under educational because that's what they are: yeah entertainment, but it's also educational. now, a couple of months ago,

some of my videos were flagged, and i was very hurt, and i was like "why is this flagged?" and i was like "you know what? it's a review. i get it. it's like, it sucks because it's a packer and it's - it's flagged and that really sucks". so what happens when a video is flagged? well, basically it becomes age-restricted if the video doesn't break community guidelines. none of my

videos have ever broken community guidelines, and i have all the information for you of what that is, but they don't break community guidelines, but they still get flagged, and because of this they get age-restricted. so what is age-restricted? basically, it means that everyone under 18 cannot watch the video. now, you're thinking to yourself: "chase, obviously

these are sex toys, why the hell would you want kids to watch this?" this is not about that. this is not at all. these are packers. these aren't sex toys. these are literally prosthetics that people wear and people need. people who are under 18 are also trans. did you know that there are actually trans people are like 13 and who might want these products? did you know that?

that's a thing, but because my videos are age-restricted, they can't watch the review . they can't make a decision on which one to buy. some of them are super cheap, $12. the one that i wear every day is twelve dollars, all right? then there are some that are super-expensive that are $300. you need to make the right decision. i have all these products. i review them. this is

what i do. this is what i love to do. so, i was really mad a couple of months ago when some of my products - my videos - were - were age-restricted. i was like "that really sucks, but move on". and then a couple of weeks ago, a video that is a review video. i don't show anything that relates or look at all like somebody's penis or a prosthetic - 0%. it is a review, but it has

nothing to do with that, and it was age- restricted, and what hurts me the most is that it's my videos that are the most popular that get age-restricted, so because it's age-restricted, that means it's no longer monetizable, and that means i don't make money off of it. and that might sound greedy, and like "oh, chase all you want is money". that's not what i'm after.

i'm after being able to live my life, and my job is to review these products and make videos on youtube. i spend 16 hours a day like making - this is more than a 40 hour a week job. this is - this is my life. i love doing it. i never complain. this is - when you find a job that you love, you're not working. this is what my life is, but the fact

that i am no longer making money on any of the videos that i have reviewed, that are now almost all age-restricted by the way, really affects me - really hurts me - because i spend so much time on them. i have to review them. i have to use them, blah blah blah. so i took a deep breath, and i was like "this video has 80,000 views and it is now age-restricted, which means i no longer make

money off of it which also means that people who are under 18 can't watch it either". that sucks. i was not happy about that, but i moved on because, you know what, i can't do anything about it, and then it happens. you know what happens? a video that i posted, the ezp review. it gets restricted. the ezp. it's a

stand-to-pee device. it is not sexual at all, which is really funny because if you look at my videos before this week, every single one that was age-restricted was not about sex. it was all about packers and stps and prosthetics for transgender men. it is nothing sexual at all. doesn't that... doesn't that sound a little suspicious to you? like

someone is explicitly targeting me? anyways, not angry. chase ross, i'm fine. i'm fine. and then it happens. an entire playlist gets deleted. somebody flagged a playlist with all of these reviews in it. the videos are still available on youtube. almost all of them are age-restricted. all right. here's the thing: if you post something, and it gets age-restricted, and then

you delete it and post it again, and it gets age-restricted - you can't do that, and if there are too many age-restrictions and too many flags on your channel, you get a strike. after three strikes, your channel gets deleted. your channel. your channel gets deleted. basically my life gets deleted. everything that i have. yes, i have a copy of every single video

i've made. i'm fine like that, but everything is gone, and i know that it sounds dramatic, but every single week, every single month, it goes more and more. one video here, two videos here, five videos here, a playlist here, another video here. it gets worse and worse to the point that i'm going to get a strike. i'm going to get my channel removed. i'm

not gonna have a channel anymore, so what do i do? i say, "you know what? there are people who are after me. they're not going to take over me. i'm going to post a review video". so i did. i made a review video. i have all these other videos that i need to post in the next month. i was like "no i'm going to make a new one". so i make a review video, and i post

it, and i was like "this is gonna be good the first two days is when there are the most views, which is good because that's when it's the most monetizable, which is great" guess what happens within fifty-two minutes of it being posted on youtube. it gets age-restricted. this means - ok - there's someone that is following me, and

you're watching this, oh i know you are. i'm not targeting - i don't know who you are. i have an idea who it could be. there are two people in my head. i'm like "maybe it's you" that - that it could be, but somebody is following me, gets a notification when i make a video, and they're flagging all of my videos. all of my videos are being flagged. all of them, even my mental health updates,

even my running videos. the only ones that are being age-restricted are the ones that have "sexually explicit content". this content is designed for the trans community. i'm not here on my bed demonstrating how to use these products. i don't have a fleshlight that has a hole in it, and i'm sticking a prosthetic penis in it. "this is how you do it!" i don't do that, and even

if i was doing that, that's not sexually explicit. that's sex-ed. like, i'm just explaining to you how to have sex, but a lot of my sexual health videos are going to be age-restricted, and that hurts me because there is no sexual health, sex-ed, education, nothing. nothing like that for trans people, and as far as i know, on youtube, i was the only one who has

made a video about stis for ftms. this information is google-able. you can google this and find out "oh, this is how you get herpes. this is how you get chlamydia". absolutely, but when there's a video out there that's specifically "hey if you're trans, i'm going to use the appropriate terms for you and describe what happens if you have sex with this type of body and

that type of body". so i have my phone in front of me here because i'd like to read to you a couple of things from the community guidelines. so, you remember a couple of months ago and they were like "the - the guidelines have changed"? and everyone was freaking out on youtube because like "what is happening", and everyone was like "relax,

nothing's gonna happen. the guidelines didn't change. they just make them a little bit stricter." isn't that funny? isn't that funny that it's literally affecting me? i am part of a marginalized population that is being targeted for making videos that empower trans people. i'm sorry that i'm okay in my identity and love who i am and that i'm empowering other trans people to be okay

with their bodies. it feels like somebody's literally targeting the idea, and a part of me feels like they are trans, and maybe they're jealous. i don't know. i don't think that i'm this amazing savior at all, but i do think that my review videos are amazing, and i work my ass off on them and i've built this community, and this wall of prosthetics,

and i feel targeted, and i feel like this is complete censorship, and i feel like youtube is not caring about the trans population, and if you look at how many trans youtubers are there, we make up a very large percentage of the youtube community. if we all left, they're losing a lot of money, so they're - not that everyone would leave - i'm just... anyway, so i'm going to tell you

what happens when - when i get an email. i get an email that says "as you may know our community guidelines describe content which we allow or don't allow on youtube. your review for the foreman review" - which is what i - "your review", sorry, "your video for the foreman review" - which is what i just posted on ... wednesday this week - "was flagged

for us to review." now, they don't tell you how many people need to flag a video, but i think it's like a lot shorter than it used to be. the fact, though - the fact that it took them 52 minutes to find my video and to review it is... there's no - there's no way that youtube magically went on there. someone was waiting. someone went on my

twitter and knew i was about to post this review and just waited for me to post it. sorry if i'm getting angry. let me just take a little breath. i'm very stuffed up so that was really disgusted, and now all the fucking boogers are - i'm sorry, i swore. is this video going to get flagged too? anyway, it says that i don't break community guidelines, but it's going to be age-restricted. now, you can appeal

this - everyone's like "appeal this decision!" come on. who you think i am, that i'm not going to appeal the decision. come on. every single time a video has been age- restricted - i'm pretty sure i'm about 15 now. 15 videos have now been age-restricted. fuck, it hurts. wooh! i appeal it every time, and there's like a hundred and

twenty character, like, limit and i use keywords like "discrimination" and "censorship" and "marginalized communities" and "minority", and i use these words specifically in the message, and the message is different every time, but always portrayed - always says the same thing. it's educational, the - it's just... i feel like i'm being defeated.

i feel like there are people who are looking down on me and who are like "we're going to take you down because we're either jealous or because we don't like your content or because we're crazy transphobic or homophobic or we just don't like you 'cause you have green hair". i don't know what it is, but they're looking down on me, and they're starting

to crush me. they're starting to crush my livelihood. this is how i live my life. this is how i'm able to pay my rent, and they're there, and they're crushing me, and it feels like i-i am, like, a piece of shit and that people don't re- like care, and they don't respect that this is what i do, and this is what i love to do, and it just hurts

honestly, and i don't want to go into this whole rant video because that's not what it is, so i'm just going to read you a couple of things in the community guidelines that i feel are just unfair, especially for trans people, and these are educational videos. some of the videos that i make, like the review videos for sex toys specifically designed for sex, i

can understand why that it is age-restricted. i can get it, but we need to also understand that people are having sex when they're 13 years old now, and that if you're 17, and you'd like to have a prosthetic because you'd like to have sex with a partner or a couple of partners, or you'd like someone to have sex with you and you want to know if these products are good for

you, you should be able to access that, but i completely understand society, like, doesn't talk about sex, which makes us repress sex, which makes us talk more about sex. i'm gonna - this is not a soci rant. let's do this. so the community guidelines talk about how there's nudity and sexual content that i guess my video would be put under

because it's also like violence or graphic content and harmful and dangerous, copyright stuff, hateful content, and threats. those are like the five or six... seven - whatever, i don't even know how many i read - that count and that count under your breaking the community guidelines so i looked up the sex - oh and spam - and i

looked up the nudity and sexual content because let me let me just say a little thing how... how can facebook and youtube let people post videos of people literally, literally, being beheaded, being raped, being murdered, like, babies falling and dying, and you can see it. i don't understand how these videos, who get flagged, don't get taken off of youtube

they're not even age-restricted. you go on these videos, ads play. there are ads that play, which means that they're not age-restricted because once the video is age-restricted, no ads will play on it anymore, which means no money. that's basically the - the how it works. you're telling me that my video where

i'm helping and empowering trans people by showing them prosthetics and showing them devices that they use to help them and to, like, help them live their life; that's worse than somebody literally slicing someone else's face off. really? really? how do you - how do you think that makes me feel, and how do you think that makes the trans community look, where

you're equating people dying and trans people living their life, and you're like a "people dying is ok". what does that say about us? what does that say about us? we deserve more than that? we deserve... what do you want from us? but i just want people to know that i am trying my best to appeal this, and it is unfair, and people have said "well, what about

changing your thumbnails?" i have made my thumbnails with or without the prosthetic/ they're still all being flagged. all of my videos are being flagged. all of them. the video i made with ty with the makeup: flagged. i didn't get age-restricted it doesn't break community guidelines. it's fine but all my videos

are being flagged and, i feel targeted and, no matter what i do if i change the title, and if i change the thumbnail and people don't even know it's a review video, it's still going to get flagged, and it's still going to get age-restricted/ it's still gonna put more strikes on my channel, which will eventually lead to one big strike. after three big strikes,

channel gets deleted. can you imagine if my channel gets deleted? can you imagine? this is my life. this is - you guys - you right here, this channel, where you're watching all around here, my username right there, everything. everything here, this is my life. i have moved into this apartment so that i can have this wall for - for my videos like this for a podcast, for my peen wall,

for my cat wall. i moved into this apartment because youtube is my life, and this is how i make money, and this is how i live my life and how i enjoy my life, and the thought of it being right there and then someone taking it away from me... o,h i'm going to build it back up, don't even worry. i'm not going anywhere. if that ever happens, you know i'm making a new

channel. i'm - that's the thing. these people think that they're affecting me, and they're hurting me. the only thing that you're hurting is my money. you're hurting that i'm not making money, but you're not affecting me. it hurts if it's coming from the community, like that really sucks, but i-i love my channel. i love my community, and i'm not going to

stop because somebody keeps flagging my videos. so i'm fighting this. i have a couple of people working on a letter to appeal because youtube doesn't have a phone number and doesn't have an email. like they do, but it's really complicated to get in contact with them, so i have to send them, like, a real letter. i'm not a good writer, so i have people working on that for me. i

have a lot more information that i have. if you want to help, somebody actually made a petition, which probably won't do anything, but it's more ammunition. it's more like "hey, look at all these people who signed this petition stating that they think that these videos are educational and should not be removed or age- restricted from youtube". so i will put

all of that in the description below. if you have any ideas of what i could do, please let me know. i'm open to everything. this has been consuming my life for the last four days, and it's very taxing on me. i have other things to do, but i post 16 videos on my personal channel every month. i post four videos on transtastic

every month. i do a podcast, four a month, every single month. i am very busy. this is what i do. this is what i love to do. i've never complained about it because it's what i've always wanted to do. i want to help people, and now youtube is taking that away from me. you're taking away my - my desire and my

passion to help people, and you're just, like, taking it away. anyways, video's very long. sorry, not very rant video, but let me just make sure that i actually... yeah, i said everything that i needed to say. now you see the light, and now my boogers - i'm sorry. i'm very stuffed up. i actually think, like, anxiety has actually made me

sick. anyways, i feel like this is complete censorship for the trans community. this is discrimination. this is - i am being harassed. the trans community is being harassed. this needs to stop. we don't need to know who it is because we're never gonna find out. flagging videos is anonymous. you'll never find out who it is. if somebody wants to come forward

and say that they flagged my videos, let's talk about it. i need to know why ,but other than that, let's just move on from who is doing it and figure out how to fix it and how to make these videos available for everyone to watch and how to make sure that the videos i'm about to post are also going to be able to be watched... by everyone. sorry, i

didn't finish that sentence. i have seven review videos ready to film and ready to edit, and i don't want to make them because the second that they're on youtube, they're going to get age- restricted, and these are products - i have a product that everyone - i'm just gonna - i have a product here that literally everyone's been asking me to review for the last six

months, and that's the bono by transthetics, and little little side note here, this video is going to be amazing, ok, and i want to make it as good as possible, but i don't want to post it on youtube, and there are other platforms out there, like vemo, that would let me post it, but they're not ad... they're not ad? ad? monetized. that's the word i'm looking for. then you know

what i just have to suck it up and just deal with that and just deal with putting it on other websites and not make money off of it, which is fine. it sucks 'cause all my hard work kind of, like, i don't get anything from it but at least i'm helping the community, and that's all that i want, so i'm going to look into looking at different platforms,

but - oh! hey! did you know that a picture from my facebook actually was restricted and removed also because i'm holding a packer that actually doesn't look like a packer - it looks like a glob of silicon that's pink - literally was removed and it - it's a valentine's day card that is like you don't see anything around me except me holding this, and it says "it's uncut. to: ___,

from:___". literally. what? anyways, [laughs] it's been a hell of a week for videos to be restricted and for my life to feel like i am completely censored and that i don't belong in this society and that people are basically telling me to stay in my house, close my doors, and never go out, never talk about being trans. that's not gonna happen. you can't do that to me. i am glad that this

is happening to me. i know that if it was happening to other people, some people wouldn't be able to handle this. i'm strong enough. i have dealt with so much stuff in the past and so much hate that i'm glad it's happening to me and not other people because i will handle this, and i'm going to fight this, and you know what? we're gonna win.

there's no way that these people who are reporting all of my videos are going to win. it's not going to happen. you know why? because i have you. you guys are amazing. you guys are on my side, and i am on your side. we're going to come together, and we're gonna make this happen, and then you know what?

then, you get to see all these other reviews that i have planned, and you get to see all of my other videos, and you get to see this community grow even more. thank you so much for watching. please let me know what you think. i would love to know your - your thoughts on this, and i will update you on my social media, especially twitter, and especially my

facebook official page. i'll put those in the description, so please follow those if you don't already because those are where i, like, talk the most about what's happening here. and my instagram as well, but a little less just 'cause it's harder 'cause you can't, like, link things on there. thank you for watching, and thank you for supporting me. i love you guys so much.

have a great week. bye.

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