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today is the final day of transformation. we are leaving for somewhere but i don't know where! today there are going to be some changes in our lives! any guess what is going to happen here today?no. ready?

sex education wiki

sex education wiki, what is your problem you son of a pig?what is your problem you son of a pig? yeah i am a dog! sorry...sorry...nothing can happen! harder than i thought!

hello everybody! hi! this is rithvik here, rithvik dhanjani, and i am here is because i want to get into the re-gender house! to find more about these six people who are here to get re-gendered! mental torture for us...crime they go out late at night to roam around! boys don't go out late at night? boys do go out but they don't get raped right?who rapes the girls then? till now i am still a virgin. no girl has given you that pleasure and i hope to god that no girl ever gives you that pleasure!

-can i? can i like?-no you have to sit here! no i can't take their bullshit! joey just added to the accusation that i had made about jackie having a shallow mentality. what did you call him today morning? uneducated filthy b#st***!sorry!... no, no! what education do you have?i'm really sorry! i'm really sorry! what education do you have?i'm really sorry! he just walks out! every time! if someone is trying to talk to him, he just doesn't want to listen! who asked you if i listen or no? you can suck my d*** and i will still not forgive you, boy..

the men of my house spoke for the first time today! let's...come back to little bit of work...for tomorrow. tomorrow is...going to be your first..."re-gender day!" oh!too early man! hello everybody! hi! this is rithvik here, rithvik dhanjani. i am! i am at the delhi airport as you can see. look at that! hello everybody...okay.. it's early morning! and i am here is because i want to get into the re-gender house!

actually i want to know the curiosity in them! and believe me it is going to be really interesting to stay tuned! alrighty! good morning guys! how are you doing? today is the final day of transformation! we have been told to get up early today. and we are leaving for somewhere. we have slept only for three or four hours hardly! and we don't know where are we going, where the hell are we going, i would say it like that! so i am a little excited but a little nervous also about what we have to do. there are going to be some changes in our lives today!

our whole team is sitting behind. there is joey, kirti, behind there is jackie, and the other two cannot be seen, please come in the frame? what's up? there is our farrah! and lash isn't coming into the frame! lash? hi! i am here!...-where are you? lash has also come and our whole team is going... thank god we at least got to get out of the house!...yeah thank god that they let us leave after four days! isn't it cold?

finally we are out of that house!you are saying anything! and we reached outside a studio. when we entered we saw tarun sir standing there. we understood that it is a studio and we started thinking what was going to happen now? voice training is going on... ...but today we are going to have some fun here! any guesses..what's going to happen here? no! basically you all are going to get screwed!

you all know the format of this show right?yeah. so we will conduct a small sample of it there today. you all have recorded clips right? yeah!...where you all have recorded yourself saying something. yes! the to-be boys will dub on the to-be girl's clips. f***! you will stand behind a microphone, there will be a small tv in front of you where the clip will play.. you have to give the voice to the person in the clip.

i was getting tensed cause we had to dub for the first time and that too in the opposite gender's voice! and how will we be able to do it? we had to deliver dialogues in a video shoot that was done. everyone had to dub on someone else's video. we are doing this cause we need to see how your voice would be on the other gender. that way we will understand how much the voice training is working. alright guys, let's get started vishal go!okay guys! wish me goodluck! on the tv in front of you, you will be able to see farrah talking, so you will have to match that. okay.

why, you son of a pig? what did you think? if you leave me i will suffer throughout my life? can i hear it once more?yeah why, you son of a pig? what is she saying at the start of the video? why you?..son of a pig! no, no before that! let's try that once more.. how did you like the pig....oh sorry....the take? it was very funny and everyone were laughing. no one else's voice matches on another person's face and if you hear it for the first time it looks very funny!

okay vishal? yeah? let's take one more...okay? but... a little bit more energetic! okay, cool! what do you think? if you had this voice, would you have fun in life? let's try once more then let's dub., come back. that was unnerving man! such a tough job! so vishal...this is what you have done, throughout! i look very sweet and innocent but actually i'm a devil! i had to dub joey's dialogues and as he is an actor, i got nervous as to how i would give them justice! i look very sweet and innocent but i actually am a devil! a little devil is needed, it does actually sound like a very sweet devil..

people say that men are dogs! i am a dog and i am not at all ashamed in admitting it! you know why? because there is no one as faithful as a dog! superb! check mic check, one, two, mic check, one, two. joey listen to your dialogue. it is every girl's birthright to apply nail polish at any point of time, sir! it is every girl's birthright to apply nail polish at any point of time sir! try sounding a bit more seductive nice!

come back! you became a girl again that was a serious process...for instance, i was told to not be so aggressive! let's go mr.jackie? ready it's okay if there is less talent in the fashion industry, but if the attitude is wrong then it will never work! fashion industry... fashion industry...okay, no, wait up..let me get there, sorry okay? you have to bear with me, i have a very heavy voice!

if in the fashion industry, there is less of talent, it's okay but if the attitude is wrong then it will never work! he couldn't do it at all! he kept listening to one simple dialogue but he couldn't do it! okay we will work with this...come, come! ...thanks! deol! not bad! no, no, no, no!i know it was bad! i know! listen....listen you have a natural let it come...okay?okay because when you go to that zone...then i'm comfortable then you are comfortable. and in that zone, you will slowly get into the character!

boys all the best! thanks for the tips sir.your welcome! hello guys! joey, again we had a great session with tarun we went to a studio and recorded our voices. didn't feel good about a lot of things, a lot of improvements is required. and... next activity starts from here hello sir!hey! hi, hi, hi, hi, rithvik, hi!

yeah, i want to know a little bit more about the contestants... if you have can show me some footage, if you can show me something so that i can get to know them more?yes! i have all the footage with me. that's farrah... jackie. that's joey, that's farrah, that's jackie deol.yeah, that's right. his name is...vishal.vishal. so vishal and farrah have a tiff?yeah! so this is the recorded footage...this is the recorded one

and there is the live feed. this one?yeah. this is happening in the house currently?right. so what is the deal with kriti? what's the scene? i have heard that she is married and has two kids?yeah she is married and has two kids. one kid is of nine years and the other girl is of three years. she is married for nine years right? she conceived in the same month as she got married

can i see something about kirti?yeah i'll show you the audition footage. is this on? oh, i thought it wasn't on so i was talking's okay. when i got married, also, i think because my parents were very strict,that was just like a... and i knew the guy only for four to five months. but then,i was very happy because i felt like everything was happening according to me...yeah you got what you wanted in six months! so i left my job and everything! i was in that mode.. that oh, i'm in love! of course, i was very selective, i just had two or three affairs in my life!

that's all? till now...yeah! and but the best ones! i was materialistic at that time and i had my standards! i was a little like the girls in delhi, noticing the watch and shoes if they are branded and all... she is from delhi?yes. so where was the problem? the problem was.. faith and trust!

it just kept on being the trust factor! from his side?yes. doubt, suspicion... he has gone to extreme measures!like? what happened? i can't share that but he would like me with anyone and everyone! nine years..i did not met..for eight years, any men apart from work! i've been so loyal! but i don't think that's helping, cause if there is suspicion and doubt in your mind then its over! it just keeps continuing, every moment i think that it'll end now, he apologises and i feel that now it's all fine.

and then there would be fights everyday because of this reason! doubting me with anyone and everyone and that too with extreme measures, like psycho measures! so we have had fights a lot cause of that! and for nine years i feel that it'll get better because he apologises and says that it'll get better but it never does! so now it's very bitter actually. so what is your relationship status right now? it's just all over,the fizz is gone..the love.. the emotional connect is all over from my side at least! so this is how she is... wow!

and her husband? he is in delhi?yes, he is in delhi. and the husband knows that she is here?yes. can we talk to him? yeah. yeah? we can talk to him right?sure. you have the phone? i'd like to have a word with him.

what's his name?-------- hello? yes? hello ------? yes, who is this? abhishekh namaste, i am rhitvik dhanjani speaking from the re-gender house! hi, hi, rhitvik, how are you? i am fantastic ------- how are you? very well, very well, tell me?

well, i just thought to have a word with you, i have just come to the re-gender house... and before i go in and meet your wife, i just wanted to know your opinion... how do you want to address this issue? this issue is very important for your life... i just want to know how important is addressing this issue for you,right now? because this probably is a chance to not only save your relationship but the future of your kids as well. so i want to know you opinion on this? see rhitvik as you correctly summarized the importance of this relationship for me... i've thought of this relationship as everything! there is nothing that i have dreamt of or aspired for... other than having a happy married life!...correct

so since i'm having two kids and kirti is my wife and i've always loved her and i could do whatever i could! but it is a sad situation that things have taken this turn! is there any particular reason for why things have taken this turn..because of what? see.. honestly telling you rhitvik, people do make mistakes... correct, everybody does... everybody she would you when you speak to her that i have put in my best! of course... she knows it and even i know it of course.

i believe that people should be accepted in totality, right? correct, correct! i have accepted her with all her flaws and i am asking her to do the same there are problems but which relationship doesn't have problems? and as of now our relationship has come down to the lowest point! after this what is going to happen, even i don't know...okay.. i am clueless! but you truly want to give it a shot? you still want to give this a chance? definitely, yeah!..definitely? okay, okay.

and of course you should give this a chance, not for you, not for your wife but for your kids. because it is their future at risk so,that's the one thing that i would want to tell the both of you, if i ever meet you, together correct.. so i am hoping that if i go inside and i speak to kirti and that there is a positive outcome out of this. and that it helps your relationship! i hope for the best! thank you so much rhitvik!thank you,-------! okay, yeah, thanks bye!

we do have a lot of screwed up relationships in india by the way! i thought this happens only in the west, but no man! this happens all over, this happens all over! okay so this was kirti can i see something related to farrah please? i have heard a lot about farrah!is there any..?yeah i have this footage. what the f***! this fight happened because mr.vishal didn't do any work throughout the day? no he didn't do one single thing! and the task is that they have to do the household work like cooking food?

he gave them breakfast also at 5 pm. breakfast was at 5?yes. don't give food at all one day! we'll see! let's go and meet them? yeah let's go for it! let's go! he started missing jackie! he started asking for jackie!you sing the song! look at his face! he is in shock!

yeah dude! he is literally blushing! someone came!listen what if it's tina? she will scream, looking at us! hello everybody, come on what's up? hi, hi, hi, hi! we opened the door and there there was rhitvik dhanjani! i mean, i am his fan! we cannot guess anything, we can never come to know what will happen in the next five minutes! so finally i am in the house! after you man! after you!one second i'll be back, i was cooking! you're cooking? yeah i'll be back in just one second! what are you cooking? beans.

what?beans! what the f***! does he cook good?he cooks too good man! save a little extra for me also? yeah definitely! we were a little dull today but when rhitvik came, the energy he created, was beautiful! first of all, hi, hi to the ladies, hello? you're kirti? of course i'm getting to know you!yeah lasheeka?lasheeta everybody who enters the house knows us,man! hi!..farrah? yes!

joey!of course joey and you are vishal? yesvishal nice, i like your shades man! vaishali now! yes re-gendered! to the house of re-gender! so first a huge round of applause for you guys to be doing this! fantastic job man! i'm so.. i'm so glad to actually see you guys who have taken this experiment so seriously!

i think it is a great deal and it is very difficult what you guys are doing! i would have got scared! but fantastic! fantastic! i am really looking forward for this whole show! how's experiment going? how is it? starting with you brother? absolutely amazing! the experience is great! last time we had a make-over, it was absolutely perfect, better than what i had expected i had never imagined myself to be so beautiful! really? yes! i felt like a f***able woman! one night stand only!no!

what about you farrah? you are very flamboyant in any case as a personality! so becoming a man is just an add on isn't it? i have always felt like i'm a man already, i only look like a girl, when i came here i told them... ...that i only look like a girl otherwise i am a man! there is no big difference and after the make-over it'll be perfect! okay, what about you sir? everyday you look at yourself in the mirror with a manly attitude, suddenly go.."yo, what's up?"

and then suddenly, "oh! hi!" so that is very difficult! of course it is! of course, it is! and to switch between them, i just hope i can justify it! i wouldn't mind hitting on you,bro. you're going to be a beautiful girl, i presume i like the way you're looking right now...alright and sir? even i like it here it's a new experience!

till now we have only looked at girls and now we will feel them inside us! now let's see what happens how are you feeling? does it feel different? yeah our behaviour changes when we get dressed up as a woman! yeah.a sense of being fragile is getting in the head. like if we sit, now we have to sit decently with legs crossed and all comes into our minds! so looking at them, i copy them. and what about you? lasheeta?we are exploring right now, honestly.

becausei have some weak points, which we are working and today with tarun sir, i just realised that... i have to be aggressive! you know when it comes to male voice, i speak very softly and in a docile manner! so i need to work on that! otherwise you have turned into a man? i'm trying my best! very nice! joey! yeah, tell me.. let me ask you?what? tell me?

who is the real joey?real joey? i am the real joey! even i don't know till now! i know you're an actor and how much ever i have seen and heard about you... so are you acting here? or are you the real joey? acting is very different, it's a different ball-game. i am conscious about my nose, someone slaps me or even during make out sessions girls can't touch my face. it's like that...i'm just saying you know?oh, so how do you kiss?

kiss cross..kiss cross.. i'll let you know in a few days! oh my god!wow! that's pretty bold! so what was i saying? no i'm not blushing, i'm not blushing! you are blushing dude!he really blushes! you are blushing! i can see it from here!i'm not blushing! farrah! she is an amazing girl!

i don't know, it was funny and embarrassing at the same time, whatever! i see you blushing, i see you blushing!yeah yeah! i'm not blushing, it's just the topic, let's move on! i am an attention seeker, i like it when i get attention! have you heard of the game called "love, kill, marry"? you have three options.. love, marry or kill.. we will start with farrah. whom will you love, marry or kill out of these three boys and why?

i will kill vishal in reality also! why? i don't have a reason, i don't to love or marry him so kill him! like that? marriage material? he is. yes.okay. so he is for love? love because...

he is made for women, he cares a lot for them and he knows exactly how to make a woman happy and when you are in love, you would want to be happy! you are already f***ed up in a marriage! what!? that is true, that is a universal truth! kirti is it true? it depends like...yeah, it depends. it depends? yeah, from person to person from relationships to relationships but i think yeah...

99.99% it is f***ed up! you are saying that 99.99% all the marriages are screwed up! what about yours? yeah..right now..umm it is not how it was earlier!it is not the same it's not the same.. it is going to be ten years in feb..ten years so.. ten years! you got married in your school, college days?

no i got married at the age of twenty-four! that's quiet early actually! and then you have a nine year old... son?...son that means that you conceived as soon as you got married? yeah, yeah, yeah! was it a love marriage? so it took you ten years to realise that the love in your life is not right? yeah, maybe for both of us, yeahyeah?.. yeah

okay, so this is your scene and you feel like 99.99% marriages are a little screwed up. if vessels are kept together, they will make noise and here we are six vessels, we will make noise everyday! one of the vessels will definitely break here! only a bottle of sauce and a cup is broken till now, nothing else.. no, no a slipper has also been thrown! no it didn't break, it got saved! vishal what was the size of the slippers? i don't know

it almost hit you in the face! no i moved away! see, you shouldn't hit women and she was coming to hit me and i only held her for my protection, that's it! by abusing people or being open minded about having sex with anyone is called being bold? no, that's not called bold. you say your are modern so be modern by your thoughts and not your clothes. vishal we will talk about this later because we really need to talk...sure. but here we have another gentleman who has some different thoughts altogether!

i will ask you the question simply, you had told us that for you, your main car has to be the one. and there has to be three-four cars on the side. i believe that how ferrari is supposed to be owned and driven once in your life and you should drive an f1 too. a vintage of 1940 should also be driven so i believe women are like that... i have four cars. and which is your main car? right now my vehicle is duster.

but since five months i was driving the ciad. i have an eon as well so earlier i used to drive the eon so if think cars and women are same for me? so let me explain that, right now i drive one car right now. he's changing... is he changing? you think he is changing? okay i'll tell you what... no, no i have a girlfriend, i have sanji, i haven't cheated on her! what am i saying is that, why i don't agree with whatever he says cause he flips over a lot! he changes a lot, as an example? don't interrupt me okay?

he will say that he respects woman and after two minutes he will fight with her and abuse her and leave! okay? you say you respect her and then you abuse her also. wait one second!just one second, let me finish! after that what happens is that there is a fight between farrah and him and then farrah herself says... no, no, i'm sorry..let me, let me speak!..can i? can i like? i don't want to you have to sit here.

no i can't take that bullshit! they are a bunch of f***ing fake people! bunch. of. fake. people. b*@&#, this and that, after saying all this anyone would react! i told you, i told you clearly, i told you on your face in the kitchen. look at what happened! look at how he keeps it on the gas and then forgets about it! hello? listen be careful about this, see how black it has become who the f*** are you to tell me that? the goddamn kitchen cooker inspector? who is asking me as to why this has become black? it's not about being a cooker inspector alright?

i don't need you goddamn, did i ask you? did i ask? don't talk to me! i don't want to heredid you even listen to what i said? don't want to hear your bulls***! whatever! you want me to listen but you will never listen to anyone else! just sit down and tell me!you idiot, just sit down! don't be disrespectful of the guy!don't go, see i think... jackie got up to leave.. says"i don't to be on this show, i don't want to listen" okay you don't want to listen but at least be respectful of the guest

who has come so far to talk to us and you just leaving! this is not a good thing to do! he only thinks about himself! he never understands that there is someone who is neutral and is trying to talk to me. so at least for that person i should try to control my temper! dude! just come and just sit! alright i'm not going to sit because you said it, i will sit cause he said it, i respect him, not you anymore! brother? brother relax!

i'm sorry! why are we having a discussion? my only point is that we are having a discussion so that these things can be cleared out! so at least you will come to know what they feel i don't want to know! they don't exist for me! i don't want anyone's advice! if i had to get diagnostics i would go to a psychiatrist and not come to re-gender! if you can't take criticism then you will never grow in life! anyone would get irritated of the fact that he cannot communicate one thing to him just because he doesn't listen! i am very f***ing clear to the face, if you have something to say, say it to my face!

arrĂ£¨ even if we try to tell you, when do you take criticisms? when do you ever listen? stop being a b******! you f****** guy! when do you listen? whatever you all say is rubbish! you don't have the habit of listening to the truth! who will have more experience? a man who has traveled ten kilometers or a man who has traveled twenty-five thousand kilometers? even after being educated and boasting about where he is from and how he was raised...

...his mentality is shallower than those men of our country's smallest village's! what did you say to him this morning, uneducated, filthy, b*@#& what education do you have? i'm really sorry i cannot stay with unethical people! they are a bunch of b*@#&%**! bunch of b*&#@%#*!you don't have the guts to listen to the truth it's impossible to talk to him! it has been four-five days.. they don't know anything about me, they are talking to be based on what they have seen in these four days.

what do you want? now what do you want? why are you doing this? why are you doing this?i don't want to answer that! i just came down to say that bro if you can't take shit then don't advice people! all the time you keep on f***ing people and don't call us b*#t#&@*! you keep on showing off about everything and then you say that you don't care about these b*#@&*@! then don't advice us! listen! one day if i slap you, i will break your jaw-line

and i am not joking about this! hit me!some time give us time and talk to us freely! do it! stop pushing me! so i'm saying why did you come if you couldn't take criticisms? don't push me! why the f*** are you pushing me? don't push me! why are you pushing me? you came to me!

why are you pushing me you little di**! f*** you! touch me again! touch me again! touch me again you little f***ing bit**! .. you came f*** you bit**! you're going to hit me? you are going to hit me? you remind me of p******! you are in this show! i don't hit woman man f*** off!

grow some ba**s! be a man! that's why i came and pushed you also! you need to have some ba*** too bro! keep advising everyone else but don't listen to anyone else! f*** off! i just went to talk to him, i just went to talk to him to ask him as to why he was f***ing getting angry? jackie is such a sensitive guy! he is somebody i can relate to because i shut myself off! jackie is exactly the same!

he shuts himself off! he doesn't learn! he stays happy with the thoughts he has and that's it for him! he just told me today that men are just like a gutter! if you see a little bit of dirt in a man then will you go down that gutter? he is that rigid and then you cannot communicate with him because he is someone who won't say again! what i did was tell myself to calm down because... it felt like i was looking at myself in the mirror!

i shut myself! i was an escapist! i run away from situations! i don't like arguments, i don't like fights and that's what i do! i run away from situations. so that is what i am connecting to it and i am feeling very bad about it! he told me that for two years he used to cover his face with the cap, buy chips, alcohol and go for ten hour drives in his car. so that is how he lived!... for two years, that's how he lived! he never spoke to anyone in his family! he did not look into his parent's eyes!

he only answered, if asked and with his head down.. he indulged in alcohol, instead of meditating to mend himself, he used alcohol as a meditation process! he cut himself off from everyone for two years! he had one phone number which only his parents had! and no one else had it! he doesn't have friends anymore! he doesn't have anybody to talk to.. to open up! and first of all he doesn't trust anybody because of his own blood sister betraying her as he told me. she maligned his reputation everywhere.

so you understand that this guy is going through a lot of s***! lot of s***! listen! i'm sorry! come here! i'm really sorry bro! come! bro i'm really sorry! i'm sorry!do not touch me again! i'm not going to touch you! i'm really sorry!do not talk to me! do not come near me again! i'm not going to come near you, come, come, comef*** your sorry! i'm really sorry, come on! i'm really sorry!make me forgive you! i'll only forgive you if you make me forgive you!what what should i do?

make me forgive you! make me forgive you!tell me what should i do? make me forgive you!tell me what to do, i'll do it, tell me anything i'll do it! i'll repeat it once more! make me forgive you! tell me what to do!make me! you make me forgive you! stress on your mind! mentally, physically, emotionally, don't touch me again!i am saying sorry! okay sorry! i am saying sorry! bro, you don't listen!which as**** asked you if i listen or not? you don't listen man! so yeah i don't listen! f*** off! why did you come to apologize?

i told you i won't talk to you!take your sorry and go inside! i don't care if you say shit! you got upset and you pushed!you won't talk right? you won't talk? i am still same on the same f***ing line! f*** off!so you won't talk right? you won't talk right?no i won't! if you come and speak to me then can i slap you? can i? you are already re-gendered! what?the day you come ans speak to me, can i slap you then? hit me!i am asking if i can slap you on the day you come and speak to me! you don't have the balls to hit me right now boy! let's go!okay i don't have the balls!

f*** off! why are you still standing here? i'm still here boy! i am right here! hit me! you can't right? when i come and talk to you, hit me then, now walk! i have come here to apologize to you! i am come to apologize to an idiot like you! imagine!shove your sorry up your a**! one idiot has come to apologize to another idiot! what more do you want to say? what is your problem? you are not worth of my words anymore boy! i told joey that when someone is upset, don't add to it, just calm down and when that person is fine then talk to him nicely.

you come in! what will you do if i come in? you come inside! i'm just trying to say that bro,i'm sorry! you can suck my d*** and i will still not forgive you boy! shame on you! rather shame on me! you don't have the mentality to say sorry!shame on me that i am dealing with you! you won't ever forgive anyone! is your father ruling or mine that if someone says something i have to do it?

it doesn't work like that boy! i am not your puppet! if you f***ing disrespect me, you're going to get that shit! i didn't disrespect you! forget it! two men fought but didn't hit each other! they just fought with their words! i was waiting that something will heat up! it will go to another level! i'll enjoy this!

do something, man.. i was hoping them to unleash the inner beast in them! if you are here in re-gender, then you are not normal! somewhere or the other, either in your mind or heart there is some problem! what happened? i was just trying to make him understand that he is hitting his head against as wall! i was just trying to get him to chill out! do you all know why you all are here? it's because everybody wants to be or get re-gendered!

i think listening is a very important skill! try listening.. i have a lot of things to talk to you about! there is no difference between boys and girls! there is a difference! they go out late at night so the boys don't go out late at night? boys do go out late at night but they do not get raped right? who rapes the girls?

i am still a virgin no girl has given you that pleasure, and i hope god doesn't let anyone give you that pleasure! how many times, will a women keep proving her innocence? i don't want to say all these things and i will never say it because i don't want to spoil his image i am still a virgin. no girl has given you that pleasure and i hope to god that no girl even gives you the chance to experience that pleasure!

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