sex education with pictures

"give me some pace.give me some more." "you want to know who theman is seenu?" "he spreads joy.his name is seenu." "hey you, check this out.this is going to be crazy thing." "you betterput your seatbelts right now."

sex education with pictures

sex education with pictures, "because seenu is right here." "right here. the manwho's going to make you crazy." mr. rai, you're lucky to havehis daughter as your daughter-in-law. i see. - he wants to get his daughtermarried to his son.

he's lucky.- hey! everything depends on destiny. no one can ever challenge god. you idiot,you bring bad news all the time. sunny took away the bride again! catch him! sunny, what are you doing? it's my wedding. i found a guy with great difficultyand you..

leave me! - catch him! sunny, leave me! why are you taking me away? lord ganesh. buddy,i kidnapped the bride just for me. here she is. don't oppose.we just have to get married. you have to bless us. you committed even the last mistakein this world?

so what? i'm sure you will bless me. since we sharethe same date of birth. i'm unlucky. oh god. i will go. bye. no god would ever havesuch a mad devotee. mother! - coming. did you do swimming?- mother, i'm very tired. hey. - yes, father. you brought someone again?

she's teacher's daughter. and i kidnapped herfrom the wedding dais. you kidnapped herfrom the wedding dais? what do you think of yourself? how would hekidnap her after marriage? open the door! advocate,we're tired of his daily handiwork. he has made our lives miserable. enough is enough. you have to dosomething about him now.

we've been tolerating himbecause he is your son. otherwise, we would'vehanded him over to the police. call your son outside and..- stop it! try to understand my problem too. even i have been tolerating himfor the last 23 years. take this girl and get her marriedbefore the auspicious time elapses. don't cry. your marriagewill surely take place this time. may no evil eyes cast on you. he hasn't won a battle.

will you never reform? i told you several timesto get me married.. ..but you don't listen to me. had you found a daughter-in-law,i wouldn't have misbehaved. you think it is easyto find girls for marriage? who'd give his daughter in marriageto a useless guy like you? stop it.i have an answer to this as well. then tell me. this useless guy willsettle down with marriage.

i'm proud of you. - shut up. no matter what you do, no fool willever get his daughter married to you. your father is such an idiot. shut up. - you want to marry, right? yes. - leave it on me. i will find a beautiful girl for you. do you mean it?you're ready to find a girl for me.. ..but you're not willingto get your daughter married to me. do you really like my daughter?

not just your daughter,i also like your 100 acres land.. ..farmhouse with swimming.. ..and also aunt's jewels. you impressed me. i will get you both.. married?- yes, i will get you both married. father-in-law,i'm ready to marry your daughter. friends. your friend's marriageshould take place in grand pomp.

your marriage will take placein grand pomp. she is beautiful. sir, shall we get startedwith the rituals? have you gone out of your mind? she is so beautifuland he is such a useless guy. he'll ruin her life. mother-in-law, don't interfere.- no one listens to me. shut up. - you wretched old lady. father.if you permit me, i'll talk to him.

talk to him after marriage. give me the token.where are you going, son-in-law? but i want to talk to her.- talk to her after marriage. i want to talk to her.- you have the whole lifetime. come with me. - where are you going? give me the token. your dress is excellent! really? this is nothing. i'll weardesigner clothes for wedding. do you want one?- i will think about it later.

you know how talented i am. - yes. i topped in the entire district. then why are they getting memarried to you? - it's simple. you're a good won't find a good guy like me. i'm ready to marry you.- you didn't understand me. actually, my parents saythat if i pursue my studies.. ..they will get married to an idiot. they want to stop my education. it's natural.

the idiot i'm talking about is you. nobody else. don't you understand? forget the girl who is a graduate.. are not fit to marry a girlwho is only 10th pass. then why should i marry you? pooja. - listen. i don't want toget married forcefully. understand? and don't even force me. because if you force me..

..i will take my only boyfriendto the terrace.. ..and jump off. and in the suicide note, i'll writeyou're responsible for my death. there will be chaosand you will go to jail. do you still want to marry me? i don't think so. 'forget the girl who is a graduate..'re not fit to marry a girlwho is only 10th pass.' 'then why should i marry you?'

'i will take my only boyfriendto the terrace.. ..and jump off.' what happened, son? this marriage can't take place.- why? i want to go to cityand do graduation. graduation? - graduation? i've fallen ill on listening to it. dad. - my son-in-law wants toequal my daughter. let him go.- what if daughter-in-law gets upset?

sister, my daughter will be luckyto get a husband like him. of course, but i will be ruined. stop getting angry. say yes.- say yes. say yes. - come on. alright.if you're saying, i will agree. if anything goes wrong,you handle it. as this will be my last investment. villagers, announce thati'm going to city to do graduation. any festival in the village?- not festival.

our village is now free from evil. hence, we are celebrating. i didn't know i'd so many fans. you're mistaken. take a good look. look, people who were troubledby you are so happy. you never spared anyone. "come." "come to me for once."- who is calling me? "come to me for once." - here i am.

go. - go? beloved. not one girl is safe these days. if i was in police, i would've killedsuch vagabonds in encounter. yes. - should i sing? how can you sing with us? it is a national game,hence i joined you girls. don't try to act smart. what do you think of yourself?- hey. so many girls after one guy?

i can deal with you single handed. you touched me? - yes. now, i'll show youmy kung-fu, karate.. ..boxing and everything. sit down. even we will sing with you girls. it will be more fun. and have one sip of this. come on, baby,what are you waiting for?

you will like it. drink. drink, baby. i was better than them. drink. you will like it. we have to sing together, right?drink. you sit hereand ill-talk about others. would you still remain quiet if thishappened with your daughter? - hey. you want to lock horns with us? i was indeed waiting to hear this.

he is acting very smart. hey, you will lock horns with us? do you know who we are? shall i stab you? hey, do you know who i am? i'm not gavaskar.. ..but tendulkar who's manof the match for this fighting match. hey, get him. wow!

i'm dead. now, you tell me who you are? you want to sing with the girls?go ahead. but never misbehave with them.remember. superb.- i won't spare you. leave me. get going. - let's go. kids, did you forget thatyou have to pray before breakfast? come on, pray. is he a father or hitler?

he wants discipline all the time. get started. love children like nehru. walk on the pathof non-violence like gandhi. help the poor. do good to and let live. very good. next prayer. kids, do you see this man's photo?

he is known for his mischief. he is your uncle, but he.. ..fooled me on several occasions. uncle, never come here. we don't wantdisturbance in our house. we want to live in peace. so never come here. very good. go on, kids. hey, brother-in-law.

brother, you? - sister, here i am. will you kill me? - hi, uncle. there was silence here. but now, you are here.this house will become lively now. if you've come just for few days,why didn't inform us? no, not here just for few days.i'll go only after finishing studies. hey girl, is it incoming or outgoing? we can do group callingif you want to. hey girl, come here.

you look new to the is our right to rag you. smoke this cigarette. you don't know who i am.i'm sp's daughter. - really? the one standing besideis commissioner's son-in-law to be. don't boast yourself. smoke the cigarette. come on. come on. - please don't do that. smoke the cigarette. sp's daughtercannot smoke a cigarette.

hi. new admission? - yes. if they are raggingsp's daughter so much.. ..what about the common girls? go. stand straight. why are theygetting scared of that girl? is her father a politician? no, he is a bank employee. then her brothermust be a goon for sure. she is the only daughter.

there must be some reasonfor them to fear her. how dare you? what are you doing?are you playing some instrument? i'll show you how to thrash people. no! shruti belongs to me. remember. and this is my area. 'he is bhavani, another namefor terror in this city.' 'whoever crosses his way..

..will be finished.' 'the more brutallyhe kills his enemies.. ..the more he loves shruti.' shruti, he's the guy who said'i love you' to you, right? he wants to get killed very soon. idiot. he says'what's wrong in falling in love.' i only expressed my feelings. take him. thrash him so much thathe'll never be able to marry anyone. no! stop!

shaka, stop it. shruti, all the useless things,whatapps, sms, e-mail, chatting.. ..i don't know anything.all i know is.. love you like mad. this property belongs to bhavani. greetings, boss. - greetings, boss. no one should even be around shruti. no one other than uswill be around her, boss. even you maintain distance.

you took money, right?make him understand. idiot. you've taken money,do your job properly. i don't understand seem to belong to a good family. then why does that goon..? "happy birthday to you." i'd been to a birthday partywith my father. tell me.- boss, yadav has confined my land. if you get it back to me,i will give you a share. we will finish bhavani too.he's complaining to him.

wow. i have changed my wayas soon as i saw you. i never founda beautiful girl like you. i want to make you minefrom today itself. i will shoot you right here. you don't knowhow influenced i am. i can also get you killed. how dare you tease my daughter? what have you done?you shot everybody. you said you're highly influenced.

so you can kill anyone you want. you're trying to impress mesince you want to.. ..become the father-in-law of a goon. listen, father-in-law. you'll have to getyour daughter married to me.. ..if you don't want to go to jail. otherwise.. i have no other optionother than marrying him. even if i commit suicide,father will go to jail.

isn't there any ideato get away from marriage? not at all. the marriage will stop.. ..only if there's someonewho can confront bhavani.. ..and rescue me from him. "seenu, he got the rocking style!" "his style is so amazing." "seenu!" leave an impression! this college has become purewith my presence.

what a college!- "seenu!" hi. hi. how are you? hi. oh no. here too? lord ganesh, you are here too? i've come here following me. you are my best friend. i cannot live without you. lord ganesh, i have a request.

you have to fulfill know why i've come to city. buddy,i was after girls all these days.., do somethingby which they come after me. do this job, i'll offer dumplings.- bribe? not many, get me just one girl.that's enough. but she has to be beautiful.i'm closing my eyes now. lord, i'm opening my eyes now.don't disappoint me. lord, send my messiah soon. please. lord, you called me to unite mewith your devotee, right?

you're very that i've come to this college.. ..she has to befriend meand also fall in love with me. bless me. i know you never break my heart. you're very fast. go and talk to her. you want a kiss? hi. i'm sunny. you're the turning point of my life.

can we become friends? - hey. will you befriend me? no, sister.lord has asked me to befriend her. lord? which lord. - lord ganpati. he is my friend. be quiet. he is a lunatic. - friends? you fool, don't you know bhavani? yes, i do. he is a ladies tailor. i'm not talking about the tailor.

i'm talking about bhavaniwho kills people. he is an infamous can do nothing. i will have to lie to woo her. bhavani?he is my childhood friend. it was i who sent to him to the cityto do hooliganism. we are like two bodies and one soul.we are best friends. did you hear?he is bhavani's best friend. in that case, he'll surely help us. you need help?

tell me. - there's someonewho's forcing her for marriage. and.. - who is he? where is he?let him come before me. how will you hit him?do you recognize him? only bhavani can hit him. but we don't know who bhavani isand where he lives. since you're his friend,tell him our problem and solve it. give me a minute. if i bring bhavani before you,will she befriend me? no, no. - definitely.

i will break his headand bring him before you. okay? what have you..? - what's your name? katrina kaif. why heroine's name? she is reel heroineand she is real heroine. why? isn't it good? it is good andshe'll get a handsome hero. just like me.

listen, look after her. i'm feeling shy. oh. - is it a joke to you? you asked him to tell bhavanithat someone is troubling me. it is actually bhavaniwho's been troubling me. i hope this jokedoesn't land him in trouble. why are you worried about him? he's not worried about himself. look. i think he'll surely bringa turning point in your life.

goon. my friend's more sacred than nature. you've gone mad because of him. i grew up wearing his undergarments. when his clothes become old,he'd present them to me. he'd eat first and thengive the remaining food to me. he did everything before me,but sent me to city first to study. so the best buddy is.. - sunny! yes. so whenever i close my eyesand think about him..

..i find him in front of me. naughty. what's this? is it sunny's ghost? not sunny's ghost,it is sunny himself. you've come so let's party. katrina kaif. there is no girlwith such name in our college. there is. - really? people say 'love at first sight.' what? - i've fallen for her.

there's a problem. stop it. - stop it. someone is troubling katrina kaif. she wants me to get him thrashedby the infamous goon of the city. then go ahead. - i told herthe infamous goon is my friend.. ..and get the crazy lover thrashed.- very good. best of luck. - so friends.. ..we need to meetthe infamous goon of the city. sure. by the way, what's his name?

what's his name? jawani, deewani, masta.. bhavani. hey, where are you going? we want to run said bhavani is your friend. do you know who he is?i'm trembling hearing his name. do you want us to die? are you crazy? forget katrina kaifand look for another girl.

wonderful. never trust friends at all. when there's trouble, they run away. coward. - what did you say? you're suspecting your friend? alright. i have an ideato get away from this problem. what idea? - the idea is.. ..let's present fake bhavanibefore her instead. fake bhavani? - yes.

who would it be? people get terrifiedwhen bhavani arrives. no one here is scared of me. this is the fear i wanted to see.yes. bhavani. i'm.. you're sunny, right? did you change your getup?- objection. where are you going? - i change getupaccording to the character i play. please come. she is katrina kaif.

she is katrina kaif? is she bipasha basu? i will sit now. he will get me killed.- you know, darling? i'm..- we don't want to know, uncle. men in black, let's go from here. what happened, boss?- 'what happened, boss?' didn't you tell them my history? she called me uncle.

can she seethat i'm younger than you? bipasha basu, i will teach you. he is infamous goon bhavani. sit. bhavani. - yes, i'm bhavani. i made her understand. please sit. katrina, tell him your problem. order, sir. - you order bhavani? i will send you to border.- what was the need to hit him? the character demands.

oh no. bhavani. let's go. katrina. - sunny.. ..kaif got scared of me. shut up. you ruined my plan. idiot.- he insulted a renowned actor. i will thrash the real goon.i will show him my talent. hey! stop! bow! apologize to me! you.. - let it be.

boss, i found him. a! b! c! apologize to me! i will kill him.- are you threatening me? can't you see his getupand figure out? he is a comedian. comedian? hide in any corner of the world,but i will find you. forgive me, sir.

don't you feel ashamedto threaten an innocent man? if you have the guts, hold my hand. let him go. hold me.hold my hand if you have the guts. come on. did you get scared?shall i stab you? to hell with the guts.. you wanted to see bhavani's courage?- my god. you're bhavani? you are a true comedian. bhavesh, i'm tired with your lying. did you see katrina? - no.

is he your lover? - sunny. okay, carry on. katrina! my katrina! where are you? - he is here? katrina. did you see my katrina? look, this girl, she is.. did you see katrina?- i saw her in theater last week. she studies in this college. how could we miss her?

she went this way dancing. good joke. you silly, naughty boy. who is he?- i think he is new to college. stop him.- where's my katrina? where are you? if you touch me.. ..i will thrash you. where did she go? why is he running? hey! you are here? i was looking for you.

did you hit someone?- yes, but i don't know him. they are coming to thrash you. run. stop. - come. you think you can get awayafter hitting our man? did you get scared now?if you have the guts, thrash us. i can thrash them single handed. then why was i running? i see. do you have so much courage? i'm more courageous. but later.

you can't go away. we pay for keeping all these things. how will we recover money?come and fight us. correct. look, you have three options. first, normal punch. second, medium punch. and third option.. ..heavy punch.

first, send three menand after seeing their condition.. decide whether to fight or not. badal! toofan! bijili! okay. whoever wantsto get thrashed first, come. the one who wantsto experience the third can come. now third option, heavy punch. it will be quite heavy. i can hit from any side of the hand. if your face gets ruined,not my guarantee.

kallu, come. go. go. go. - i might look like a fool.. ..but i'm saw what happened to them. i don't wish to get punched by him. you go. go.- hey! what's going on?- wait. we are planning. i wanted to watch action film. but you portrayed it right here.

oh god. do you want meto get thrashed like them? even i have three options now. no.1. run from here. no.2, run faster. and so fast that nobody can catch me. in these three options,i like all the three. i'm going. run, boys! - run! a! b! c! d! f! sunny is very tough! we reached the railway station.

i want passengers listof janmabhumi express of 18th. it's impossible. will you give it now? - yes. leave us, sir. we didn't do anything. sir, leave us.we didn't do anything. leave us. you made a big mistakeby betraying me. because i kill the betrayers.

sir, we got the list. i want the names and address.. ..of those who are 25 one should get away. babu. - boss. the one who killedmy ganga's children can't get away. until whenwill you get away, darling? katrina.- do you only see her everywhere? katrina is here. - how do you know? radha told me when i spoke to her.

she will be here with katrinafor shopping. why did you bring us here to die? then should i die alone? follow.- follow. it's beautiful, isn't it? sunny's phone call.- don't answer it. wait, i will give him a shock. hello. where is my sweetheart?put her on line. we're watching charminar, sunny.

is charminar in infinity mall? he's somewhere here in the mall. look katrina! oh god.- wait, i will call her right away. katrina!- stop. you will get us killed. sunny, stop! it was a wonderful movie. stop. listen to me. look, forget about bhavani now.

look katrina,tell me who is troubling you? i will deal with him.. she's beautiful. whoever teases boss bhavani's girlwill face same consequences. how are you? stop it. madam, you carry on. the one you love fooled you. she's the fiancã©e of the same bhavaniwho is an infamous goon of the city.

forget herand go back to your hometown. why did her friend lie to me? her name is shruthi not katrina. bhavani's fiancã©e. shruti. nice name. in that case, my line is very clear.- how? bhavani is forcing shrutifor marriage. yes. - and she doesn't like him. what's on your mind?

i will woo her. i will date her, take her for movies. and then marry her.- your pleasure is punishment for us. you're great. shruti, let's enjoy. "your my lovely baby." "my one and only baby.i'm missing you like crazy." "o tell me, girl,you will always be my love." "i'm flowing like a river.just be with me forever."

"i won't let you go, never." "o, come to me, you're mine." "i'm flowing like a are going to get me never." "you cannot get me, never." "our destiny can never become one." if bhavani's men find out.. ..that you're wooing his fiancã©e,we will be finished. boss, look, there he is. go and check who he is.

what if bhavani finds out? i think he already found out. who is sunny amongst you? tell me! - he! are you getting too smart?bhavani is calling you, come. just a minute.- where are you going? i need to go to college. come, i'll take you to our college.- let me go. father will scold me,mother will beat me.

when you're so scared, why do youinterfere in boss's matter? mummy.- the love story only suits our boss. make him understand. - sorry. idiot. i have warned him. he was terrifiedon hearing boss's name. bhavani learnt about the matter. he'll kill you,go away to hometown. bhavani will danceto sunny's tune now.

"natural power." why did you come here?- let me go inside. go away from here.- i want to meet boss. please. boss, he is the guywho was troubling madam shruti. and we had also warned him.- i said go. let him in. "natural power."- boss. the prey is coming into lion's den. "power."- hey!

what is your name?- i'm sunny. i'm here to pursue my education. my men made you understand.. ..but you still came here?- so they told you about me? how dare you talk to boss like that?- wait a minute. you threaten me outside, threaten me all the time. i'm here so that your stoogesdon't wrong information about me. on the first day of college.. ..i prayed to lord ganeshfor a beautiful girlfriend.

when i opened my eyes, i saw herin front of me. - are you finished? hey. go on. hence i've been tryingto woo her past few days. wooing her. one day, suddenly.. ..few goons came to collegeand surrounded me. they were your stooges. and i expressed my feelingsto her in the shopping mall.. ..only then i learnt that.. ..the girl i love is engagedto a goon named bhavani.

let him speak. no. i said leave him. go on. move aside. okay. where was i? when i inquired about bhavani,i learnt that.. ..hack, hack, you hack people.

i took her to be a middle class girl,but.. ..i was so wrong. i dropped the ideaon hearing her fiancã©â€™s name. why did he stand? you are finished now. listen. - yes, boss. his story is very interesting. he fell in love with my fiancã©e.. ..he wooed her, proposed to her..

..and also met her several times. i must say, he is very courageous. despite of falling in lovewith my fiancã©e, he has come here. had he not come,i wouldn't have known about his love. why you don't know about it? before he thrashes them,i should be going from here. boss, i will leave. - you can't go. i have to go,because i'm fasting today. i will go to the temple in theevening and break my fast. bye.

hey, shruti belongs only to me. only i have rights on her beauty,her style, her youthfulness. why are you laughing? - nothing. tell me, why are you laughing? i will tell you. let me come there. boss, you love shruti, alright. you proposed to her,even she'll accept your proposal. but realize one thing.does she really love you? if a guy of shruti's choicecomes into her life..

..and she falls in love with him,you can do nothing. you can stop her.. ..but can't stop herfrom falling in love. wake up before it is too late. bye. hey, shruti cannot fall in lovewith anyone other than me. boss,when a guy truly loves a girl.. ..he will never get scaredof any consequence. remember that, bhavani boss.

if a girl truly loves a guy.. ..she won't get scaredof hooliganism.. ..nor she will get scared of you. understand, otherwise.. don't you watch tv,don't you read newspaper? this is the latest trendof the lovers. it's enough for today. bye. if this is the latest trend.. ..then fall in love with shruti.

i'm not talking about shruti,i'm talking about today's youth. you talk too much andyou are very courageous too. but i will agreethat you're courageous only.. ..if shruti falls in lovewith you too. go and woo her.- boss, i'm here to study. ask somebody else to do that. not somebody else, just you. shruti will fall in loveonly with you. if you win, i will forget her.

if you lose, i will kill you. chances for youkilling me is very less. there are 99.9 percent chancesthat she will fall for me. if you get hurt, don't.. - hey. none of you will try to stop him. i give you all the freedom. thanks, boss. bye. i will surely woo her now. this is calledputting yourself into trouble.

power! boss, why are yougiving him the permission? you won't understand my plan. than make me understand. it is good if shrutifalls in love with someone. i will kill her loverright before her. so that, before marriageand after marriage.. ..she will nevereven look at any other man. i know she doesn't like me.

i was indeed lookingfor a bait like him. your lover sunny is not to be seen. i think he went back to his hometownafter learning the truth in the mall. "sunny!" "sunny! somebody to rock and roll.sunny!" "he is blazing." where is it?it wasn't in my pocket. i love you. you don't love bhavani. i love you!

i love you! look, i'm clear, you be clear too. you can take some time to think.i mean.. ..half day, one day, two days,but not more than three days. once if you say 'i love you' to me.. ..i won't let the third personcome in between us. it's my promise. otherwise, assume that a movie herois standing before you. the real hero.

three days.- "sunny! somebody to rock and roll." "sunny! he is blazing." boss is playing chess.- the king is in trouble. boss, sunny gave flowerto sister-in-law.. ..and also said 'i love you' to her. boss, here's check and here's mate. he brought bad news. why do parentssend such useless son to college? to give news aboutwho kissed and who said 'i love you'? concentrate on your studies.

otherwise, you will become like me. go. it was check mate, right?- it was a wrong step, boss. intelligent boy. now it is proper check and lost. is shruti very beautiful?- yes. she's more beautiful than you. really? - shut up. if he doesn't stop it,bhavani will kill him very soon. listen, never back down at any cost.

win your love. if he messes with you,your brother-in-law is there. if he relies on him,he will surely die. she herself is scared of bhavani,how can she fall in love with you? those in true love never get scared.true lovers never back down. i must drive away the fear in shruti. how is your business?- very nice, sir. shruti! listen. do you've shruti hassan's cd?- we have, sir.

shruti hassan. kamal hassan's daughter.don't you know her? yes, i know, sir. bill please. 'bhakti ranjini.' only old people listen to such songs. if you listen to such songs in thisage then what will happen to me? listen. what's your problem? you've already troubled me a don't decide what i've to listen.

go from here.- madam, mind your language. he is my best customer. you go. then keep this. i'm going. do you want something, sir? you hurt my darling? i was supporting you. - shut up. sir, won't you guy this cd? shruti doesn't want it.keep it with you. i didn't sell even one cdsince morning, sir.

break the cd into small pieces.. ..put it in a rapperand throw it in the dustbin. shruti, listen. my heart poundsat night ever since i saw you. consult a heart specialist. i see only you when i close my eyes. consult an eye specialist. i start dancingwhen i think about you. you've gone mad.go to mental hospital. you take me.

come. - hey. - come. what are you doing? if bhavani's men see us together,they'll kill you. come here. it is a good excuse to hold my hand. do one thing.stay here for some time. i'll talk to them and come. - no. wait. why did you come here to disturb me?

go inside and drink coffee. sir, your money. collection.i thought you were shopping. go and give your bossbreaking news. shruti is about to say 'i love you'to me in 2 or 3 days. tell your boss to arrangefor my marriage procession. will you hit me? hit me. hit me. - let it be.

let's go.- i will fix him right away. if we do anything,boss's plan will fail. if we don't do something,he'll make shruti fall for him. what did you tell them?- what wrong did i tell them? you will be saying'i love you' to me in 2 or days. did you enjoy it? they willtell bhavani and he will kill you. why don't you stop loving me? i'm afraid what he will do to is your fault. you think you're brave, right?he won't spare you now.

don't hold me responsiblefor whatever happens with you. listen, kid. girls in love are always happy,but why do they cry? but she has feelings for you. kid, you are very lucky. boss, his name is sunnyand he lives in this city. no matter where he is.. ..bring him safely to me. understand?

uncle, no. uncle. - hello. uncle, phone. what's her problem? hello? hello? i'm here. you've come straight to my bedroom? please go away. - i will go. first tell me you call to hear 'hello' from me?

i was checkingif your phone is working or not. really?my phone is working properly. i have to check if your phoneis working properly or not. oh, i forgot. did you call tofind out where your boyfriend.. ..was at 11 pm?- what are you doing? someone might see. go. even i can see. it won't stretchno matter how much you pull it. me at the bus stop at 9 am.

we will go to college by bike. you think i will come? i won't come. stop pulling it. you know what your problem is? neither you say 'i love you'nor go out with me. bhavani is the right man for you.tell me now. will you come or not?- i won't come. listen, if you don't cometo the bus stop at 9.. ..i will go to bhavani at 9:05.

you are coming, right?- i won't come. i said 9,but you've come much earlier. i came earlyso that i don't miss my bus. good excuse. come and sit. sit? you can't force me. i won't sit. - i see. sunny.- baldy, give the phone to bhavani. alright, i will sit. don't you understandif i say for once? - let's go.

this gift is not for you.keep it back. beautiful garland.. - has thewedding arrangements been done? yes. where's the registrar? - sir. i'm ready too.- sir, we have very less time. do the marriage soon.- sure. - hi, shruti. madhubala, you are here? how can this marriagetake place without me? what are you saying?even you are with them?

stop talking. change your dress. i won't change. forget it. hello, not your marriage,her marriage. there's time for our marriage. madhu, what's this?you decided to get married suddenly? you know i like bhavesh very much. due to business issues.. ..his family and my familywon't give consent for our marriage. i was becoming restlessbecause of that.

but sunny gave me courage. and helped us a lot. even our kin didn't help us. but sunny did a lot for usthough being a stranger. shruti, sunny is really a good guy. sign here. sign. if you don't sign.. ..this won't beconsidered as marriage.

drop them to the airport. okay. we'll drop them. come. - get in, newly wedded bride. shruti, i will bring the bike. sunny! - shruti? shruti? hey bhavani! it's narsingh,yadav's younger brother. your life is in my fist.

no, narsingh. - hey. listen to me carefully. if you want to save your girl,come to medical college. hello. yes, boss.the girl is in our captive. we are bringing her. yes, boss. okay, boss. she's running. drive fast. stop!

catch her! increase the speed. sunny, hurry up.they are coming. let's go. sunny, let's run away from here. how far will you run? you run from bhavani's men,you run from these goons. until when will youkeep running from goons? because of the fear in you,they scare you more. the one who tolerates harassmentis also a culprit in a way.

drive away the fear in you. hey, she is our prey. send her here. the one who let goes his loverso easily is a coward for sure. but the one who protectshis lover at every step.. a true lover. i'm her lover. even if one of youtouches this girl.. ..the girl will be yours. touch her if you can.

kaalu, go and touch her. you go. did you see? how much more shouldi suffer to get you? if i can die for you,can't you live for me? can't you live for me? even i wish to live.. ..but not without you.i love you so much. where is shruti?

stop laughing. tell me. a hero came and took her away. she is out of your can do nothing. do you know why i am so happy? because there's someonewho can confront you. not just the guy,but even shruti loves him. the story will be interesting now. what will you do now? you're ruined. you'd attacked my brother with gun.

whereas he hurt your feelings. this is what i wanted to see. like i killed your brother,i will kill you too. raka. - yes, boss. bring seenu to me immediately. hurry up. find him from anywhere. i want him. search the entire city,bus stand, railway station, airport. i want him at any cost.

hit a six. come on, dhoni. hit a six. come on. - superb shot. 'he goes after thatone and it is a six.' six! boss, did you see? dhoni is a wonderful player. india australia match! but the tv is not working properly.

baldy, pay the cable money. what was it? she has fallen in love. your shruti has fallenin love with me. deep. she's deeply in love with me. i swear. you don't believe me, right? just a minute.

shruti's number. hi, darling. - hi, cutie. listen. say 'i love you' to me. come on, sunny.- please say it. i love you, sunny. not like that, say it romantically. let it be romantic. okay? i love you, darling. i liked it.

which is the dialogue that you feelfrom the bottom of your heart? the thing you said hugging me? i was getting scared unnecessarily. i'm not scared of anyone now. wonderful dialogue.did you forget something? matter is thought she won't fall for me. but she has fallen for me. you heard it yourself.the deal is over now. we all are friends. okay?

okay. listen, baldy. take care of boss. let it be. boss, find a girl for yourself. even i will try. i have to take shruti for shopping..- hey! you thought you'll do anythingyou want and i will tolerate? i can't forget shruti at any cost. she only belongs to me. hit him.

never do this mistake again. if you try to thrash me,i will thrash you. i will bury you alive. remember that all your life. hit me! why did you do like this? go, go, go. i said sit down. i told you politely the other day..

..not to lock horns with me. you don't know me. i'm a goon in my hometown. bus stops, railway station,in the streets.. ..ask my name to anyone you want.. ..everyone would say i'm a lunatic. no one has ever touched me. why did he interfere in between us? listen, you were threatening shrutiall these days with your fake power..

..but now, it will never happen. shruti loves me. shruti is mine. if anyone comes in between our love.. ..i won't spare him. don't come in between. stop!bhavani, what are you doing? i can molest you right awayif i want to. i had given you the freedomonly to study.. ..but you fell in lovewith somebody else?

bhavani,where are you taking my daughter? father-in-law, she was myfixed deposit which is now matured. i'm taking her to make her mine. listen..- tomorrow i'm marrying her. shruti! - shruti! being my fiancã©e,you fall in love with someone else? we are getting marriedtomorrow itself. if you want to invite your friend,let me know, i will invite her. hey. i have a friend.

the one who has enteredinto your life.. ..and has made your lifeand your men's life miserable. invite him if you have the courage. if he loses against you,i will marry you. what will he do?i will invite him too. i will invite him for my weddingand make him play the drums. watch it. boss, the security is tight.don't worry. you will find out after sunny comes.

do you have something elseon your mind? - no, boss. tell us whatever is on your mind. i'm sure sunny will come. see? this is confidence. - boss. have faith in us. even if he comes,he won't go back alive. if something goes wrong here today.. will die. remember that. "seenu. he's got the walking style." "seenu."

it's invitation.boss himself has invited me. if you are scared, i'll leave. our boss is not scared of anyone. wow. boss, i'm here. wow. wonderful getup,wonderful set up. incredible. i was scaredif you will finish my family. i couldn't sleep due to fear. i'm fine. you yourself invited me.i'm glad now.

baldy, are all the arrangementsbeen made? - yes. didn't you have breakfast?play it loud. alright. i'll sit in the front rowand watch the marriage. what happened? why are you staring? what's your plan, sunny? how many people? - 100 men. you're 100 men and i'm alone. what can i plan?go and get water for me. keshava, madhava, narayana..

concentrate here. sorry, boss. i can't see this. my friends told me you can't watchyour lover marrying another man. they told me several times,but i didn't listen. i'm here for the wedding. may you be ruined. sunny, being the hero, you'll leaveyour heroine to the villain? i'm alone. can't fight them.

stop, sunny. i like happy endings very much,sunny. hence, i can't see this marriage.- he got emotional. hello. - you still haven't come?- shruti just came to the dais. i will come. you have a plan, don't you? he took away the girl again. i'm surprised.nobody is following us. i'm riding the bike so fastthat nobody will follow us.

oh no. shruti! sunny! - hey! get her into the vehicle!- sunny! sunny! help me! sunny! sunny, help me! no, leave me! why did they kidnap shruti?

where she must be going now? the goonsin the vehicle are not mine. i have nothing to do with them.. ..nor they are my aides. do you know who sent them? who's the goon who's more powerfulthan me whom the entire city fears? thakur balwant singh. you.. you will go againstthakur balwant singh?

then you will die. you're wondering why balwant singhkidnapped shruti, right? when you were coming herein the train from your house.. had a brawlwith some guys in the train. 'i won't spare you! leave me!' there was a girl in the same trainwho was watching the fight. the real twist is here.shall i tell you? that girlliked your passion, your fight.. ..your style,your manliness so much that..

..she got impressed by you. and that girl is balwant's daughter. she is balwant singh's onlyand loving daughter. balwant got her everythingthat his daughter asked for. he has been looking for youin the entire city.. ..past many months for his daughter. i told him.. won't be able to catch sunny. but there is a solutionto every problem.

his man babuwho was looking for you.. ..came to me inquiring about you. i told balwant that'you can never kidnap sunny.' 'instead kidnap shrutiand sunny will surely come.' you only have two options now. either marry balwant's daughter.. ..or get killed by him. wonderful.firstly, you found out my weakness.. ..and conspired against me.

i appreciate it. i appreciate you coming here. so far, you saw sunny in the city.. ..but you haven't seensunny in his hometown. there is nobody in this world.. ..who can separate shruti from me. sunny is my future son-in-law. if you obey me.. will be sent back safelyto your house after marriage.

but if you try to trick me.. will regret. hey, quickly tell mewho is balwant singh here? look, my hero is here! did you see, datta? - what? our hero is very strong.- he is very strong. superb! thank god he stopped themelse i would've died as bachelor. sunny?

why did you stop? come on, hit me! hit me! - great! entering my home you hit my goons? it is not a small thing. datta. - yes, boss. he is very powerful. go and do your work. go. balwant singh, you thinki can't take shruti from here? i will take her away from hereright before you within a minute.

and i won't do that. actually,even i need a godfather like you. even roaming is free these days. you could've called me. one last thing. to get your daughter sharmeeli,queen of this palace.. ..this sunny is ready to marry her. but you love this girl, right? that's blind love.she is a middle class girl..

..which means middle class lifestyle. listen shruti,we break off from today. even you find a middle class guyand marry him. you turned out to be very smart. you very well knowwhen to woo a girl.. ..and when to ditch herfor your own convenience. you are very smart. listen datta. - yes, boss. my son-in-law turned outto be more cruel than me.

hero, you will marrymy daughter tomorrow. tomorrow? what's the hurry?give me at least 10 days. you want 10 days? why? your daughter andi will first get to know each other. we will knoweach other very well and.. ..and be happy.- did you see, datta? my son-in-law is so smart. he is trying to confuse us. hero, you're marryingmy daughter tomorrow. no excuses.

father. i've already stayedaway from him for so many days. i don't mind for another 10 days. by the way,his daughter is beautiful too. marry her tomorrow. it'd be great. if you force him,i will commit suicide. no, dear. i will wait. listen datta. - yes, boss.- my daughter is happy. this marriage should be heldin grand pomp. boss, what about the other girl?

unless the marriage is not over,she better stay here. okay. - listen, sunny. don't try to trick me. otherwise, i won't spare you. boss, balwant's daughteris getting married in ten days. father, i swear! i'll kill balwant in 10 days. you've been sayingthat past 25 years. that was practice.the real take is yet to come.

you will avenge himjust for 1 foot land? balwant has 500 acres of land. and even we have 500 acres of land.he took away just 1 foot from us.. want to confine his land too.didn't you have any other solution? hey.. - you made me quit jobthat paid me 50,000 per month. screaming 'father', you made methe chef of this open kitchen. i'm hungry, sir. here, have it. - same menu every day? am i your wife to cookdifferent dishes every day?

i will do one thing.i will go to delhi by flight. and then solve this case. we have no money for food,how will you go by flight? no. lawyer. - yes. spend as much as you want.. ..but we have to win the case. "hey, you really want to get me,you're never gonna get me." "believe it or not, this world.." you sent sunny to the right place.

call and mock him. hello? - sunny. i heard you're marryingbalwant's daughter in 10 days. no. actually,balwant doesn't know about me yet. so he gave me grace of 10 watch how.. ..i will flee with shruti. fool, i eloped with your fiancã©ein front of your eyes. it is very easy to fleefrom here. if you have brains and guts,come here and..

..stop me. - hey! shruti, no. leave me please. naughty girl.. - hey! "no, no. sheila's youth." go out! what's your name? shruti.- my name is sharmeeli. my father always buysanything for me in pairs only. you can share it if you want.

but i won't share my husband. he's mine! where's shruthi? when i saw sunny,it was love at first sight. sunny is such. so, even you fell for him.okay, tell me something. do you watch movies?who's your favorite actor? he's calling me with pretext! sunny is too much.

did you call me? oh god. she's feeling so shy! hi sharmeeli.- oh my god. what do i say?i'm feeling shy. stop sharmeeli,you have to be free with me. free means? free means friendly. then, i'm your friend. when hands meet,hearts also meet.

sharmeeli.. tell me about yourself. i'm smart always,i'm very rich,.. i am only daughterto my father. if someone breaks my heart,father thrashes him nicely. 'this is the problem.' what else?yes, i love films! i like romantic scenesvery much. my life ambitionis love marriage.

why are you marrying me then? i'm marrying you,because i love you. why?- what do you mean, why? you fought with those goonsin the train. you broke their bones. did you fall for my fight?- not just fight,.. i still remember your styleand dialogue vividly. your talking are unique. your action was superb.

why are you laughing at me? sharmilee, you don't love like me. like and love are same. it is a little am i to tell you? do you like jackie chan's fights?- i like. prabhu deva's dance?- very much. paresh rawal's comedy?- i like it very much. do you love anyone of them?- no! correct. likewise youlike me for my style.

it is not called as love. what is love then? love means... feeling. shock. intoxication. first time when i saw shruthi,.. ..a bell rang in my heart. my heart was beating for her. it was love at first sight. shruti.. - hey, hero!

sharmeeli,your love is one sided,.. it's perfect only whenlove is reciprocated by other. is it? did the bell ring in your heartwhen you saw me first time in train? no! - then, it is not love. isn't ours love marriage then? it's an arranged marriage. you like my style andi like your background. then there's no love in this.

what about my love marriageambition... sunny! when will i fall in love? the bell in your heartmust ring to fall in love. then you get married. bell? ring? if the bell doesn't ring, then.. sunny is right. when will thebell of my heart ring? come in, bhavani!

how come you're heresuddenly without any intimation? i gave you sunny,i'm here to take shruthi. what's the hurry? shruti will leave aftersharmeeli's wedding. what if sunny kidnaps shruti? you're suspecting my son-in-law! if i am powerful,he is more powerful than me. i don't want to interferein your matter. dutta, get the girl.- okay, sir.

she appears to be a good girl. take good care of her. brother, the girl is missing. first see if sunny is here or not. sir, even sunny is missing. i had told you.he fooled you! shut up! he will fool me? trying to act smart with me? what happened? why are you holdinga rifle? - why are you hiding?

what's the matter? - sunny? sunny!- they are playing hide and seek. sunny? i caught you. father, what are you doingwith the rifle? - nothing. like you were playing hide and seeki was playing thief and police. you are lying.- sharmeeli. why did he go there? - how can i stophim from going to the bathroom, sir? bhavani? father-in-law, what's going on?- nothing son-in-law!

if nothing happenedwhy is bhavani here? you are lying? is thisthe relationship between us? what am i to say?he came to take shruthi. we looked for her everywhere.we thought you took her away. he said you had fooled me. so, i brought the rifle. what did you say?you got confused hearing this idiot? i didn't even see your daughter.. ..and accepted her,and you suspected me?

i'm your would-be son-in-law. oh my god. okay. if you feel i cheated you, shoot, no. shoot me. i don't want to live anymore.shoot me! i don't want to live anymore. son-in-law, have you gone mad? just missed death! it was all my mistake thati believed this mad man. no uncle, this is not don't trust me.

so send shruthiwith him immediately. please don't thinki don't trust you. since you don't trust me,send shruthi with him. i trust you fully. i am very sure that you'veforgotten shruti completely. so shruthi will stay heretill your marriage. if anyone dares to interrupt,i'll kill them. uncle.. - you don't worry.i will not go back from my words. dutta, let's go.

mr. thakur, won't you invite mefor your daughter's wedding? i've invited the entire also come. what did you say? you'll elopewith shruthi whenever you want? until i'm here,you'll never be successful. if i elope with her in your absence,i won't be considered as a man! i will be a coward. i will elope with shruthifrom here in front of.. and your men.stop me if you can. did i go over the board?

it will be fun.- okay. you! what did you say?am i a middle class girl? so, we broke'll go with sharmeeli? sunny! - i've fought with many, butfirst time, i'm fighting with a girl. i want to win. i want to win. - stop! cooperate with me.- sunny! this isn't like romance but rape!

is it done only after marriage?- with you or with her? enough. - okay.- what confusion is it? what's this marriage and kidnap?bhavani too is here! you just take me from here. listen shruthi, it is easy to takeyou away from balwant's house.. ..but it is important toteach lesson to bhavani. i have to drivesharmeeli's craziness. you wait for the right time. promise me and tell methis will happen.

swear by our love. i think finally sunny reformed. he has looked for a nice house.- yes. let's go and meetthe bride's family. wow! this is not a bungalow,but a mansion. did you see my son hasselected a dignified family? where's my relative? what was the noise? it was not noise,it was the scream of death.

sir, they are sunny's relatives. who is sunny's fatheramong you? it is him.- give me that knife. you are going to be my relative. what a great son you've! he's like a priceless gem. our family always looked forpeople like you. where's my daughter-in-law?- father! come, dear. relative,she's your daughter-in-law.

father, cable isnot coming properly, break his bones. your daughter-in-lawis very violent. she is like her father. forget about that.your father-in-law is here. take his blessings, dear. no way!he looks like a comedian! he's not my father-in-law.i'll not take his blessings. don't say that. agree.

he's your father-in-law,take his blessings, dear. father-in-law.- god bless you, dear. he appears likemy dad's look alike. you're like pure gold. dad, what are you doing herewithout any intimation? please come in.- stay here. did you tell me beforefalling in love with her? relative sent his goonsand called us here. god bless him. oh, you called them here.

son, wedding is round the corner. let's go.- let me have a cool drink. i think the matter is serious. forget cool drink.go inside and talk to him. what kind of a family is this? what a father?- what a daughter? he got us trapped. my dad! god bless you.

you're like an angel. who is this girl?- your daughter-in-law. who is that girl then?- the girl who is marrying me. so much confusion? i will clear your confusion. 'my daughter is happy.the marriage will be grand affair!' whatever you saw was the trailerof the film in fast forward. i'm telling you,don't stay here for long. flee from herewhen you get a chance.

or your photos.. i don't understand anything. but i understood everything. before my son elopeswith the other girl.. ..we have to flee from here. will your sunny be able toelope with that girl? he is a gold medalist ineloping with girls. he is a magician.. ..and he will make both the girlsdance on his tunes.

"come on duty.i want to be your only lady." "so you can geta better partner." "what's your desire,tell me?" "angelina, how do you do,hollywood beauty?" yeah! what is this?- hurry up. - i'm coming. i'm coming. they are faster than me. the jeep is ready.come on, let's leave.

run! yes! - i did as i had told you. sunny, what about your father? he is smarter than me. your entire family is crazy. so, we chose you. bhavani is here too.- what are they both doing here? what do i do? follow them!come on, hurry up!

there's a temple ahead. stop it, shruthi! stop it.- wait. listen to me for the last time.i swear by this temple and god.. ..i will love sharmeelitill my last breath. sir, we misunderstood him. it is a different story here. i don't want to hurt, i brought you here. don't think that i love you.not even 2 percent. you are no match with her.

bhavani wants to humiliateme in front of my father-in-law. no matter where i take you.. ..father-in-law won't follow me. he trusts me so much.but that idiot bhavani.. look, you.. oh no. son-in-law is coming.let's go from here. move back, soon. move back. move back. father-in-law! you? here?

today is monday,lord shiva's temple! today is tuesday. idiot, don't you know days too? today is not monday! i know it is his doing.- stop. son-in-law, don't dirtyyour hands by killing him. tell me, did you hear theconversation between shruthi and me? if you've heard it,don't tell this to sharmeeli. or she'll feel very sad.

son-in-law! boss, sunny fooled everyone. baldy, don't talk too much. i think you are angry!- are you my friend? are you my friend or enemy?- i am always like this. i had made a nice plan ofeloping with shruthi.. ..i had to take reverseat the last minute. it is good thatyour father saved me. i had return here. - father?he was on vacation in himalayas.

you don't have any seriousnessof the matter? give me an idea. sunny..- sharmeeli, what's the matter? you were right. what did i say that is right? do you knowthe bell of my heart rang? bell rang? - yes. how? where? who is he? look, for him.

for him? it happened like this.. sorry. do you know even he stammers? do you mean, even you stammer?- yes, sunny. i didn't tell you. i stammer on complicated words. one minute! lord!

whatever you did for mewas wonderful! no one can comebetween shruti and me. bhavani will marry sharmeeli now. 'sunny, go and have fun!' sharmeeli, what are you waiting for?your love story has begun. is this love? guaranteed. the bell rang, right?- yes, it did. but.. - no ifs and is love, 100%. you have to give some timeto understand first love.

what should i do?- you don't do anything. automatically, the bell ofhis heart will ring. sunny, the bell rang in my heart.. ..don't let anyone know about this.- oh god. she even says poetry?oh bhavani.. your love story has begun. he is well built.why does he need juice? brother is busy.get me one more. he exercises for his bodyand i do it for my brains.

do you know, no matterhow healthy you are,.. ..but it is futileif you don't have brains. example is in front of you. brother, you begin.- chintu, tell him to shut up.. or i'll hit him with the dumbbell. you go, don't mess with him.- baldy, why should i go? this is my in-law's house. he will get me thrashed. she is staring at him.

i have to take advantageof this situation. idea. okay baldy, my work is done.i shall leave. go now. - i'll come tomorrow. to drink juice.- i will beat you to pulp. you do your work. he will die. seeing him, looks likehe is up to something. who fell in water?

sir, villain fell into waterwith new heroine. sharmeeli, you are shying so much. go sunny. - i will go. but you should tell your dad thatyou love bhavani and not sunny. oh yes! yes! - sunny,mine won't be a love marriage. what happened?why do you say so? don't you remember? you'd said perfect love story is twosided like yours and not one-sided. yes, i had told you.

why did i tell her?- bhavani wants to marry shruthi. why will he fall in love with me?- he will fall in love with you. actually, his love towardsshruti is not true. only i know that. the way he fellin the water with you.. ..then you came close,hold each other’s hand.. ..i'm very sure thatthe bell of his heart rang. really? - yes. he might come in your way,look into your eyes..

..and propose you. do you think whatever you saidis possible? swear by me! i don't swear on anyone.everything will be fine. sunny, until hedoesn't propose me.. ..don't tell my emotions to anyone. oh, poetry. i have to make bhavani propose her. how? how?

how? brother, it is morning. yes! chintu.. how did this happen? why not? you are morepowerful than that guy. better late than use this opportunity. stop it madhu, enough!i don't want to hear sunny's name. he sang songs with mein the garden.. ..and when he met rich balwantthakur's beautiful daughter..

..sunny changed his colorlike a chameleon. god forgive me.bhavani tried so hard to impress me.. ..and i broke his heart.i mistook him. bhavani is not villain,but a hero for me. hero! do you know, i'm dying totell my feelings to bhavani. don't know how he will react. i fell in love with him suddenly.i hurt him so much. we should be alone.we should talk romantically.

we will spit after eatingsweet betel leaf. and i will propose him. shruti. nice scenery. look there! they are going round and round.- the confusion is increasing. she is my daughter-in-law?- she is characterless. - yes. he has to pay us money. according to me..

let's leave. if he sees us here,he will kill us. you are right. oh.. he always says sorryand runs away. at least propose me. hey, sharmeeli. are you happy?- yes, sunny. wait. - sunny. did you see their chemistry? we should leave from here.let's go. - okay.

you are too much. your plan is super hit. you are cunning like a fox. khabri is here toteach everyone a lesson. oh god, why did he come?- who is he? mr. balwant's brother-in-law.he's intelligence officer. he is faster than computer.- let's see. your name is gopi, right?- yes, sir. i think you are sunny's friend andyou are very naughty. - me?

stand here. we are checking.- send your mother. okay? - didn't i tell you? search every nook andcorner of this house. there shouldn't be any it! - yes, sir! go! what's going on?- check the cowshed. i invited you to the weddingand not to raid minister's house. shut up. check the toilet. even he is clear.

are you free at night? uncle, you are here, suddenly?- god bless you, baby. go on the 2nd and 3rd floor.if there's no 3rd floor, go on 4th. intelligence officer reporting here.- everything is okay, sir. no problem, sir.- catch it. pen! catch it! stamp! bend. - it is my duty, sir. catch it! gum?- sir, it is with you. - okay. take this. why are you distributingpapers instead of sweets?

i will thrash you.- it is my duty. i searched my brother-in-law's houseand i didn't find anything. so, duty is over. come on, boys.- yes, sir. stop brother-in-law. i willintroduce you to my relative. he is.. - he is groom's dad. yes sir! - he is uncle andhe is enemy. - yes, sir! she is bride's mother, aunt, and youare bride's father. - perfect, sir! you know everything.- i am khabri lal. i keep an update about everyone.i scan them. - duty over, sir!

it is time for work. move!- turn around. you met everyone,meet my son-in-law. sunny! tell me, father-in-law. khabri lal, you got surprised, right?look fool, isn't he cool? greetings, mr. khabri. i will scan him. 'he is very smart.he is a fraudster.' 'i have to be careful from him.- you are right.' 'i will expose you.- i will thrash you.'

sir, you have to catch a flight. i will not catch a flight.i will catch someone else. go! - yes, sir.all move! drama company. - brother-in-law,my son-in-law is a gem, isn't he? you may think he is a gem,but i want to know his background. khabri lal's enquiry begins. sunny, tell me. - come to theveranda behind balcony immediately. okay? - okay. i will also come.

sunny, something fellinto my eyes. - is it? please see. - yes. i thought he was cheating myniece, but he is a lover boy. how do you feel?- superb sunny. i'm her uncle andi'm spying on her. hope they are not fooling me. hi shruti. - sunny, why did youcall me urgently? - actually.. i.. actually, shruti.. actually.. something ishappening to me, shruti.

what? - actually.. i've seen many serial killers.. ..but he is a serial kisser. pleasehave mercy on my delicate niece. sunny, leave her.have mercy. my niece is very delicate.i'm telling the truth. she is like me.fool, leave her. oh my god, sunny? you are not dignified,you are a player. oh dear. - oh, darling.

i'll leave. dad, why are we here? we are here to kidnapbalwant's son-in-law, sunny. oh i see. if this plan works.. are you sunny? yes. wait. what happened?- are you balwant's son-in-law? time please. his son-in-lawis bhavani, not i.

it is not him, but bhavani? what do you wish to do?- kidnap. - oh god. how will you do it? like this. idiot, what have you done?- who's there? let's run, dad. dad.. i'm dead. - oh dad. i don't understand this.okay, i'll explain. sunny kisses both thegirls in every two minutes.

i have to scan. i like this color. not me, but she gave. even she is cunning like sunny. he kissed her and shegave flower to him. there's something fishy. who is it?i'm changing. shruti.. dear shruti? my dear shruti?

dear, open the door. hurry up, dear. why are you taking so long?hurry up. dear.. - don't take tension. i.. i.. i will manage.- dear, open the door. are you alright?- hide. go under this. dear, why are you taking so long? sunny and shruthi are different..

..even sharmeeli is.- total problem. dear, what happened?what were you doing? nothing, father. i felt someone was in your room.- here? there's no one here.- what's the matter, father-in-law? nothing son-in-law.i thought someone came to her room. what are you saying?is someone inside? i will find him and hackhim to pieces. i'll see in the bathroom.

father-in-law, there's no tapin the bathroom. under this. i think he must beinside the cupboard. oh god, there's nothinginside the cupboard. if you have doubt,see it yourself. you see or i see,it is the same. let's go. - okay. where do i see now? - sunny! you didn't search under the bed. baldy!

dear, listen to me carefully.keep the door closed. this is a bad era. i will strip your clothes. father-in-law!- what is it, son-in-law? there nothing under the bed. then why did you shout?- i thought you were hard of hearing. i can hear clearly.- okay, let's go. go to your room. he is under your bedat midnight.

nice setting. - listen. is he here to propose me? he will say thanks now.he will propose you tomorrow. you are in a hurry.let they get involved, i'll be free. there's no one here.come out. come out. won't you tell me anything? thanks. sunny is always right.

oh god, he confused myintelligent brains. no problem. i will stay hereand solve this problem. yes! 'wedding preparations are going on.' wow, my niece is getting married.let's hurry up. let's go. did you eat anything? priest, read the mantras've taken money. brother, i'm here.where's our hero? why are you looking at the villain?

he is standing here.- wow, he's so handsome. had i met him earlier,i would've married him. - enough! khabri will feel bad.go inside and work. yes, i'm here to work.let's go. - go. what do i do?- sunny, why are you looking tensed? oh, when will bhavani propose me? don't take tension. i have full confidence on you. i'm losing my confidence.

look, what is this.- it is a cell phone. it is not cell phone. look.- 100% love. look into your eyesand propose you. what's your problem? what has the song got to dowith this situation? yes, there is. our madam was gettingdown the stairs in style. madam is so beautiful, isn't it? sir.. - how dare you!

you shouldn't talk about mydaughter again, or.. or i will hack you! what if i am a goon?i too have feelings. then i decided that madam's husbandwill be bigger goon than her father. then you came, i got upset,but no.. when bhavani entered,i became very happy. i have many videos ofmadam and bhavani. i will show it to sir. you are happy, right?your work will also be done.

i shall leave. baldy, i'm very happy today. sunny, i'm seeing confusion on yourface than confidence first time. i like this face. it is sure thatyou'll marry sharmeeli. good news is shruti is madabout me and not you. we are in love.- stop stammering. did you propose shruthi? did shruthi propose you?- no.

then what's the use of thisshirt and scarf? first propose her and thentell me her reaction. no.. i will propose her. shruti, ours is the real love story. he interfered unnecessarily. i haven't proposed you yet. but today i tell you. i..

is she shruti or sharmeeli? leave me. yes! yes! actually, i shouldn’t haveproposed you easily. but i'm a big fanof shah rukh khan. i will tell it like him. because even he stammerssometimes like me. i.. i love you. i proposed you,you get ready for the wedding.

i will wait. he finally said it.i love you too. dear, what happened?i never saw you so happy. tell me, what's the matter?- dad, i'll always remember this day. did you get your love? how can you escape now? eat it. eat some more.- no dad, i can't eat more. little.. - enough.

brother, you've already fed her. don't love her so much.. ..she might not go toher in-laws house. i'm feeding her for last time. father-in-law, didn't i tell you tofix marriage after ten days? look, there's so much happiness.even sharmeeli is happy. why not? he doesn't knowthe reason behind it. you tell him or i'll tell himwhat's going on here. brother-in-law, you started again?- shut up.

sunny, why are you quiet? why are you tongue-tied? why are you interfering?sharmeeli will tell us. sharmeeli, you will tellyour choice to dad, right? the thing is, i thought if i don'tmarry sunny in ten days.. ..then i will die. in last ten days sunny hastaught me so many things. i wouldn't have understood loveif sunny didn't come into my life. i didn't have any desire.

i wanted to see sunnyas my husband. i wish the same.i want to marry sunny. yes dad, sunny will bemy husband. son-in-law, she used to be sadas she didn't have mother's love. i always worried about one thing. what will happen to her after me? i got relaxed whenyou entered her life. now, i don't have any tension. i had only one wish.

my daughter should get a guywho loves her more than me. she found you. i am sure you won't hurt her. i am proud of you.proud of you, son-in-law. sharmeeli, i came here for shruti. but after falling into the pool.. ..i fell for you. i see you everywhere.. ..but i don't wish to liveafter what sunny did to me.

like love marriage wasambition for you.. ..the same wayrevenge is my ambition. tell father that youwish to marry sunny. why should i say so?- try to understand. sunny doesn't want to marry you. he will get trappedin his own net. then your father won't spare him. will you listen to me? or i'll die.

our love story will be incomplete. no. this is not possible. i'll do as you say. what happened? you saidno one can take shruti from you. did you see now? i separated youboth without touching you. tomorrow is your wedding, kiddo. be ready. what's going on, son? if you marry sharmeeli,what about shruthi?

enough of this. i'll go and telleverything to balwant. - no, dad. if he knows,he will kill all of us. do you have an option? the wedding will surelytake place tomorrow. brother, i think the plan worked. hello brother.- why are you looking sullen? now we are relatives. look there. why do you worry so much?settle here after wedding. - sir.

madam has been kidnapped. hey! where's sharmeeli?find her! find shruthi. okay boss. - let's go and find her. boss, we couldn't find her. sir, keshav has called. tell me keshav. - balwant, if youwish to get your daughter married.. ..then come here.i'm sitting here. hey, get the car!

did your plan flop? keshav is balwant's enemy.he kidnapped shruthi. only time will decide whoshruthi will belong to. ca.. ca.. - get the car!- yes! hey look, i'm here. leave me! hit him! don't spare him. don't let her her!

forgive us. we are innocent. we'll drop her home and leave.come on, pick her up. let's go! listen, we don't want trouble.madam, you please go. go. hail india. you let her, let us escape. let's go. you will love him andcheat bhavani? you belong to me and no one else.

come on, hit me! take this! you hit my shruthi? i will not spare you! leave me. sunny! sunny! look, if you love me, leave her. i don't love don't belong to me. it will be better yougo away from here. father!

hey, you dare to hit my will surely die. no son-in-law, you move. he slapped sharmeeli! hack him to pieces. don't spare him! kill him! why did you stop me, dear?- i know he cheated me. but i truly love him. bhavani is not a good guy for you. do you know, he is a goon?

even we are in same profession. i will marry only him. but how will i pacify son-in-law? son-in-law, come with me. but what's the matter? come with me. son-in-law, if i doinjustice with shruthi.. ..god will never forgive me.- what's the matter? sharmeeli.. she wants tomarry bhavani now.

bhavani? - yes. are you out of your mind? all of my relatives andpeople all over india.. ..are coming to attend my wedding. how will i answer them? dad, you explain it to him. no, sharmeeli belongs to me. don't be stubborn.i can't break her heart. understand a father's plight.i'll give you anything you want.

okay, i left shruthibecause you told me. today i leave sharmeeli too. how will i thank you?- think about me. i separated you i will unite you. son, you'll not finda girl like shruthi. son.. please agree. only for you.- wonderful! khabri lal, listen.- what happened? sunny agreed for the wedding.- with whom?

who else? with shruthi. he fooled you. what's new about it? whatever, i must say.the guy is very smart. sunny.. - yes, tell me. you've done a good deedby getting my daughter married. ask anything you want. will i get it? - sure. brother keshav.

son, he is..- listen to me. give them 1 feet land.- i'll bury them in 6 feet land. one promised me just now. yes, i agreed, but..- you can't refuse. i have promised my son. so, i give you 1 feet land.go! father, i won! i won this case! your wish is fulfilled.

your wish is fulfilled. - really? father, if you give meten days time.. - you.. ten days? i will shoot you! may you always be happy. why are you touching my feet? you are a greater villain than me. hey, thank sunny. tha.. thanks. listen, i thinkshruthi will refuse.

son, you don't know my talent yet. even i was a romeo of my time. i know to pacify girls.- is it? - yes. shruthi, listen to me.- i don't want to hear anything. he left me for your property.. ..he will leave mefor someone else. no dear,sunny loves you very much. i don't trust him.- you don't know the truth. whatever he did was drama.

he asked 10 days timeto unite bhavani and sharmeeli. so that he gets you.right, son? yes, you are right. what do you say?- if you are forcing so much.. hereafter, i have two daughters.. ..and two son-in-laws. what idea he used tounite lost lovers. brother-in-law is great.- our sunny is no less. east or west,our sunny is the best!

yeah! - yeah!

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